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Husqvarna 1927 550cc Model 180

In the late 1920s Husqvarna's motorcycles were influenced by contemporary English, French and American models. The Model 180 was manufactured from 1927 to 1929 with few changes. It was a basic motorcycle which could withstand the poor Swedish road conditions with "efficient and well-protective splash screens". In April 1927 this machine was delivered to a soldier, "1367 Gustafsson" and has survived 25-30,000 miles over many years of service.

Model 180 was called the "solo-sportmodellen". It was fitted with Bosch magneto and generator, and a Schebler carburettor model H. The electric Bosch headlight is from 1928. The engine is a sidevalve 550 cc V-Twin delivering 12 hp at 4,200 rpm, It has a three-speed gearbox. Tyres: Front 28x3, Rear 29x3

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