The Unapproachable Norton

Norton International 1959 For Sale

I made a seat base and had it professionally upholstered, and I was very pleased with the result, which is very comfortable. I made some special very long swan neck clip-on handlebars, and with the position of the footrests gives a riding position which I find ideal. I fitted genuine Amal cast alloy handlebar levers with adjusters, and used genuine Manx pressed steel levers for the choke and ignition. The revcounter and speedometer are housed in featherbed Manx anti-vibration mounts, which are surprisingly effective, and I have fitted a 0-15 psi oil pressure gauge. I also fitted a handlebar mirror. I had an old Stadium mirror which had a pleasing oval shape, and seemed to suit the bike perfectly, so I had the back chromed, and had a new mirror glass made.

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- one of two superb roadgoing cammy Nortons for sale -