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1925 Sunbeam Model 1 492cc

Estimate: (£) 8,000 - 10,000
Reg Number:SV 5406
Frame Number:08375
Engine Number:270/18214
Body Colour:Black

Whilst reviewing the motorcycles for sale in any auction catalogue if certain brand names come up on the list of entries the interest is always aroused. Even if the reviewer in question has never owned, ridden or otherwise experienced any example of the famous marque just the mention of an illustrious name can create the desire to do so. In particular if that name is 'The Sunbeam' the gland producing the reviewer's acquisitive juices will begin to overact immediately. At least one of these delectable machines will usually appear in every sale but at this particular H&H Duxford event we see no less than three Sunbeam models offered. As the history of the marque is well documented elsewhere, little more need be added in the way of potted company history, so it will suffice to bring to the attention of a potential new owner the Sunbeam Model 1 machine offered here.

Not much detail is known at time of writing about the early history of this motorcycle, registered SV5406 and of 1925 manufacture. Having been purchased from the estate of long standing previous owner and Sunbeam enthusiast Jack Tattershall the current owner lists all aspects of this delectable example as 'all good'. Reported to be in 492 cubic capacity single cylinder, 4 speed form it would appear to be, although still to be confirmed, the fast 'Longstroke' type sports version, which was shortly to be complemented by ohv road and ohc type racing engined models. Every Sunbeam offers it's owner the unique blend of quality and performance that top class machines of the era can provide and this one is no exception.

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kebekdan at
Its about the Sunbeam 1925 M1 492cc.
I think its a Sunbeam M3 499cc because of the length of the lifter block
I'm wrong or right
Daniel Paquette
Villa Hidalgo, Jalisco, Mexico

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