Sunbeam Motorcycles

Sunbeam 1928 Model 5

The "longstroke" Sunbeam was offered in two versions during the twenties, the touring Model 5 and the sporting Model 6 and would remain a feature of the firms range from 1922 until 1940. During that time it earnt an enviable reputation for its reliability and stamina.

This particular example was first registered on the 21st March 1930 although it had been built during 1928. It came into Wolverhampton engineer Walter Edge ownership during the late 1950's who undertook its restoration. Mr Edge, a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, had started work in the toolroom at John Thompson Motor Pressings rising to the position of Toolroom Superintendent before retiring in 1969. During his career he had worked on Sir Malcolm Campbell and John Cobbs land speed record cars and developed an interest in his home towns engineering achievements, particularly its motorcycles.

Following the completion of the restoration, UK 8475 provided Mr Edge with transport to and from work every day until 1968 and was ridden with considerable success in Vintage Club Trials winning the Express and Star Trophy in the North Birmingham Spring Trial of 1960.

The machine was laid up in 1968, although it was started occaisionally. It was displayed in the Wolverhampton Room in the Central Art Gallery, Wolverhampton from 1989 to 2000 and was subsequently housed with the Marston Heritage Trust.

Image and description kindly supplied by H&H Classic Auctions