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Terrot 1928 Type FT 247cc Tourisme

TERROT FT Tourisme

In 1925 Terrot launched Type F, a lightweight motorcycle equipped with a two-stroke engine of 247 cc of their own design, rated for 3 hp. The F-Type was initially offered in two versions: the Tourisme with two-speed gearbox and belt drive and the Sport-Luxe, with a three speed and a secondary chain. Models derived from the F-type were proposed in the '30s. Restoration of an old well presented, this model FT Tourisme has a lighthouse Luxor and a generator acetilente proposal and with its gray paper from the French collection, is accompanied by its its original toolbox (disassembled to repair the skin)

TERROT FT Tourisme - Year 1928

Courtesy Bretti Brothers