Terrot Motos

Terrot 1931 350cc HST

The Model H appeared in the late 1920s equipped with Terrot's own engine, unlike its predecessor which ran JAP. Three versions were presented, HT, HTS and HTC. T for Touriste, S for Sport and C for Confort, or luxury. In 1928 the HTS code was changed to HST.

This HST model has a standard engine and upswept touring handlebars, with the TS having a more powerful engine and lower handlebars. The C type had 27x4 wired-on tyres, 140 mm wide mudguards and a steering damper, whereas the Tourist has 120 mm wide mudguards and 700x80 wired-on tyres.

Bretti Brothers

Based in Turin and established for decades, Bretti Brothers offers vintage and classic motorcycles from the early 1900s to the mid 20th century.

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