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DKW 1938 RT3 PS

Manufactured 1936-1940

DKW presented their new 2½ h.p. 98cc model RT 100 in 1934. Power was increased to 3 h.p. for 1936, and the model was marketed in Germany as the RT 3 PS.

It proved both reliable and popular, with total sales of 62,000 by 1940. DKW 1938 RT100-3PS

RT100 "De Luxe" The smallest and at once the most popular machine of the DKW line is the RT 100. Day after day its owner derives new pleasure from the unusual performance of the engine which - built in one unit with the three speed gear box - enables this light machine to attain the amazing top speed of 43 m.p.h. And yet this machine is extremely economical in fuel consumption, travelling 140 miles on one gallon, and handles as easily as a cycle.

Eines der billigsten Verkehrsmittel — und doch ein hochwertiges Motorrad mit den unübertroffe- nen Vorteilen aller DKW-Zweitakter: 3 PS DKW-Zweitaktmotor, Dreiganggetriebe, Motor- und Getriebegehäuse ein Gußstück, Kupplung im Olbad, Tankschaltung, Kickstarter, Drehgas, Zündlichtanlage von 18 Watt Dauerleistung, großer Scheinwerfer, bequemer und niedriger Motorradsattel, SpeziaI-Rohrrahmen. Wer billig und doch bequem fahren will, wer auf den Anschaffungspreis sehen muß und wer ein richtiges Motorrad braucht, der fährt die RT 3 PS.

DKW - RT 100 Standard

Thanks to its light weight of only 119 lbs. the RT 100 handles extremely easily even in densest traffic. In addition this model enjoys amazing road holding qualities because of its low center of gravity, wonderful front suspension and heavy tyres.

The RT 100 is available in two models: the richly chromium-plated De Luxe model, and the standard model in black finish.

DKW-1938-Cat-3PS-01b.jpg DKW 1938 3PS

The patented rubber suspension has proved exceedingly dependable in long years of service.

DKW-1938-Cat-3PS-02b.jpg DKW 1938 3PS

Three speeds greatly contribute to the remarkable flexibility of the engine in any kind of territory. No gradient is too steep for the RT 100.

DKW-1938-Cat-3PS-03b.jpg DKW 1938 3PS

Wide rims equipped with heavy tyres result in excellent road holding even under bad and slippery conditions.

1938 DKW Specifications

Sources: English and German factory catalogues.