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Mon Dec 26 2011
chaser21<at>live dotcom
3cylinder air cooled2stroke 1965 DKW
DKW500cc 2stroke 3cylinder circa 1964-1965
Have not seen any DKW bikes denoting the 1960s area I also had a 49cc DKW mod148 or 149. air cooled three speed with the square head in the canary islands in the 1950s, this was very good transpo to and erom canteras beach.Any info? nice web site thanx rick

There was certainly a DKW 3 cylinder VW-like rear-engined car. Ed.

Sat Nov 12 2011
Looking for DKW front end
dkw dkw 125cc enduro
I am looking for a dkw front end for a 125cc enduro. It is known as borg? If anyone has any information as to who might have one plese let mw know. 17653070307

Wed Oct 26 2011
dkw 50 super
dkw super 50
Hi, I write from Italy.
I found this dkw motorcycles, but I don't now anything about it. age, type, value and website where i can find spare parts. please help me. Andrea

Tue Sep 13 2011
DKW Hobby Scooter drive belt NOS
DKW Hobby Scooter
I have a limited supply of NOS drive belts for $35.00 Dollars each.
New Zealand

Sat Aug 13 2011
prijadiherry<at>gmail dotcom
1952 125 cc
D K W motorcycles for collection.
madiun-east jawa - indonesia

Thu Jul 21 2011
tom.mohr<at>gmail dotcom
DKW Service & Tool Manuals
DKW 1939
Didn't want to barge in on your forums but thought some of your members may be interested in some DKW lots that I'll be listing on eBay next week. They are original (and rare I think).
Regards, Tom

Wed Jun 22 2011
danomx11<at>yahoo dotcom
DKW 125cc cross country
my father bought me this DKW 125cc cross country in 1972 when i was 10 years old, i am the original owner, it has been sitting since 1978. Can i find parts to restore it? it is all original just in bad shape.
orange county california

Thu Jun 02 2011
rkrueger61<at>yahoo dotcom
Need parts and info
DKW cafe racer
I,m looking for info on my DKW 67 cafe racer, if you can help thanks, Ron 951-296-4156
temecala, CA

DKW 1967 Twostroke

Sun May 15 2011
DKW RT 125
Hello! I am looking for wiring diagram of a DKW RT 125 made in 1950. Thanks in advance for your help.
Florence - Italy

Sat May 14 2011
anilpatni9<at>gmail dotcom
dkw germany auto union
i am having dkw made in germany having gears on petrol tank i want to know more detais and replacement of old part if it is possible pl let me know thanks

Thu May 26 2011
dleiva<at>deroyal dotcom
DKW RT-125- 2 AH ?
DKW RT-125 2AH
Recently aquired a DKW RT-125 year 1953, however looking at the frame plate it shows RT-125 2ah, 1953-- the motorcycle has rear oil suspension with an oil reservoir, my question is: what does 2ah stands for?
Thank You.
Costa Rica

Fri Mar 18 2011
filippof88<at>gmail dotcom

DKW 125 RT
ello, I would like to know wich spark plug I have to use in my 125 Rt made in 1950. Thanks a lot


Sat Dec 25 2010
1927 DKW
My brother had a 1927 DKW.
Like to know was it Belt driven.
Thank you
Sydney Australia

  • Some DKW's were still using belts in 1926, so it's quite possible that a 1927 model was also belt-drive. Which model did your brother have? Can you send a photo? Ed.

Wed Nov 24 2010
RT 250/2 1954
found this DKW in a Garage in original shape.I think this is a nice much can I get for this Bike?



Thu Nov 04 2010
adriano.cacciola<at>lyreco dotcom
Looking for a fuel tank
Sachs or DKW MX125 cc
Hi i have a Sachs motocross like you have on your site from the year of 1970 or 69 with a special front fork.
Well i'm trying to find a Fuel tank (chrome) thats in good shape.
Can you tell me where do i have search? Or where i can buy spareparts for this bike?

Thank you

Wed Jul 14 2010
DKW 125 Motocross 1955 or 1956
Please - help
I'm looking for a DKW 125 especially made for motocross.
See picture. I'm willing to pay much for this bike!

Sun Jul 04 2010
scolixs-99<at>yahoo dotcom
I am the owner of a dkw moto victoria year of build 1961 and I would like to find the technical manual of this motocycle.
also I send to you a phoo of my moto for your information.
if anyone has the technical manual of dkw victoria moto please send it to me via my email.

Mon May 31 2010
dkw rt250s
require seat and spare parts workshop manual for
rt 250 s

Hi here is some pics of rt250 s just looking for saddle (seat)
Regards cam

Thu May 20 2010
DKW R 125
Ich haben eine fragen, kennt jemand ob Sie DKW / IFA R125 mit Fahrgestell von der IFA hergestellt und der Motor einer DKW, Ich könnte mich das vorstellen, dass nach dem Krieg in Zschopau, die in Ost-Deutschland liegen kamen, hatten viele Motoren aber keine Fahrgestell und hat dann einer Hybrid gemacht, ich kann mich das nicht vorstellen aber wer weiß, das ist vielleicht denkbar.
Fahrgestell ist ein R 125 mit IFA Fahrgestell Nummer 779783 und der Motor DKW DKW ist mit der Nummer 46115395, wird jemanden etwas über solche Dinger, bitte gibt der einige der etwas Informationen über diese selbst gemachte oder so mailen Sie mir an boie-hd AT

Tue May 18 2010
mmd2803<at>aol dotcom
In need of any information you can give!!
DKW 125 Enduro 6B 1972 DKW 125 Enduro 6B 1972
I have what I believe to be a 1972 Enduro. It is a 125 DKW. The name plate on the motor reads: Zweirad Union AG.Nurnberg, Mod. No. 9034353 122cm, DKW 1251/6B. I know it runs as I got it to fire. What I really need is a wireing diagram of any kind. (in english preferablly)
Please let me know if you can send me one, or tell me where I can find one. I dont have any pictures to send at this time, but if needed, I can.
Thank you
United States

Wed Apr 07 2010
dkw 350 rt 2
I have a seat for a 1955 dkw 350 rt 2. I would like to see it go to someone who has a need for a seat for this model. Pictures are available
seattle, usa

Sat Mar 06 2010
Want to know value of motorcycle
1965 DKW Hummel 166
I would like to get some information and a value or information on where to find parts for this bike

  • The page of classic motorcycle price resources at valuationsmay prove informative.

Tue Mar 02 2010
hendrikpretorius<at>gmail dotcom
Help needed
- ---

Can you help with the identification of this bike. Authenticity and value if you can pls.

South Africa

Sat Feb 13 2010
geoff.w.haskew at
WANTED desperately DKW Hummel
DKW Hummel (see attached picture)
Look at this picture. This wonderfully restored Hummel by myself now sits in a motorcycle museum. Cannot forgive myself for letting go this wonderfull motorcycle. Would sincerely like to purchase another like it in any condition and also any parts or literature. Genuine buyer would like to comlpete another project like this before he dies. Please respond, I am in earnest. Good money paid for the right bike. Look foward to any responses. Thanks
Canberra Australia

Sun Feb 07 2010
graham at
DKW RT250 Twin Carbs
I need the timing settings for my RT250 can you help

Mon Jan 25 2010
steffen.ottinger at
DKW Motorcycling 1920-1939
DKW Sport 1920-1939

here is my second book: “DKW Motorradsport 1920 - 1939”.

Tue Dec 15 2009
pmanduca at gmail dotcom
I want to sell this
The owner of this DKW wants to sell it, and would like to know its possible sell value.
Located in Montevideo, Uruguay. Thanks in advance
Montevideo, Uruguay

Wed Nov 18 2009
tizar-id at yahoo dotcom
DKW RT 125
1954 ifa
for sale

Thu Aug 20 2009
lourens.lemmer at gmail dotcom
DKW/SACHS unknown
Good day.

I Have a DKW Sachs moterbike (see attached pic's), and would like to know approximate what model it is.
And if I can find spare parts for it.
The seat in the attach pic is not its original seat.
And if possibly its worth?

Thank you

spare parts for dkw hobby
Email: joesud at hotmail dotcom
message: dear sirs
as i posses a dkw hobby scooter and for me it is a present left from my father I would like to know where i can find spare parts to fix it up
naples italy
best wishes
joseph mifsud

Tue Aug 04 2009
steffen.ottinger at
British top riders
DKW US 350 / US 250

can someone please help?

I am very interested in the history of motorcycle sport.

I have questions to two British top riders.

1. Fergus Kinloch Anderson
He was born in Croydon, Surrey (England) or in Wellington (Scotland)?

2. Ernie Thomas
He was born 1907 in Coventry … and when exactly?
He died 1973 or 1974 in Stroud (Gloucestershire) … and when exactly?

I thank you very much for your help.

Best regards

Steffen Ottinger

Sun May 24 2009
BobMiller-1 at juno dotcom
Thank you
Many years ago 1959-1960 I owned a DKW RT175 seeing the picture of it on your site brought back memories of my youth. Thank you!
New York

Sun Apr 26 2009
DKW Hercules
I am working on a DKW Wankel but have problems with the electrical wiring...
Posted under Hercules

Wed Apr 01 2009
danomx11 at
DKW 125 cross country
i am looking for parts to restore this bike. seat cover, tank emblems, fenders, etc.
california, usa

Sat Feb 21 2009
joextremo at
Dnepr Mt11
Hi Sheldon
I have concidered to your Side and i have to say great Work. I hope you will add your side to my 50s-60s top 50 list on my start page a few pictures for you.

Bye Jo
Kerpen Germany (404)

Thu Dec 25 2008
perezdesign at
My Grandfather's DKW - help identify please
DKW 1930's ?
My grandfather just turned 92 yrs. old and handed me this old photo of him in 1930's Mexico. He had 3 DKW's and he could not recall the model or year of this one pictured - could you please help? Thank you so much and happy holidays to you. If you have any better images of this make and model archived would be much appreciated!
Ed Perez

Fri Nov 14 2008
hyder-abdul at
How much are they worth?
DKW Auto Union RT 125
Hi.. I have a 1956 DKW which I am selling because I am moving away from Bali. For what it is and time that it has been around and health of it, I can safely say that it is in perfect condition. I ride it every other evening to dinner at restaurant near my place and every weekend to the Sunday market.

What has been difficult for me when trying to sell this bike is, how much is it worth now? How much can I sell it for? I do not want to sell it just to make a sale. I wanna sell it to somebody who would give care to it.So what is a fair price for this old timer? I still have it's original papers and registration, though it is registered in Indonesia.

Mon Nov 03 2008
kebola at
1956 175ccm
For sale because of bad helth and age..not been out on street after total restauration...2000 Euro

Thu Oct 02 2008
grecz1 at hotmail dotcom
What year and model is this bike
DKW unknown
I recently found a picture of my grandparents riding a motorcycle and think it's a DKW. Could you confirm that and if possible, provide the year and model. Picture was taken in the 1920's in Germany.

Mon Sep 29 2008
mikeestlick at elpasoco dotcom
DKW Motorcycle
This is a photo of a DKW my dad had when he was stationed in germany in the late 50's. If anyone can tell me the year and model of this bike I would appreciate it. Please feel free to add it to your library of DKW photos.
(Image is in DKW gallery)

Fri Sep 19 2008
pennwel62 at yahoo dotcom
DKW RT 175 1954
I live in Greece and I have a 1954 DKW RT 175 with Steib sidecar. I would like information on the wiring for this model. I have it running and would like to know what I could get for it in euros.

  • The page of classic motorcycle price resources at valuations may prove informative.

Mon Sep 08 2008
sean.odubahain at hotmail dotcom
1937 DKW in Greece
DKW 1937 NZ350
I saw this DKW sat at the back of a taverna in the Greek resort of Hanioti and had to take a few pictures. I believe it is DKW 1937 NZ350. It is in wonderfull condition and is kitted out as it would have been when it saw service. Thought other bikers would enjoy a look.. sean

Fri Jul 25 2008
meeow3 at bigpond dotcom
dkw/sachs parts
dkw/sachs 1972 - 1251/6b
hello to all interested in dkw/sachs motorcycles.i own several bikes in various stages of disrepair! i have an enduro 1251/6b, a motocross 1251/6b, both complete and original which i wish to restore as i have had them since 1972 from new .

i'm looking for a source of mainly engine parts but will consider all parts just to keep these bikes going and to build my stock of spares for future replacement.
i would like to here from anyone who has one of these now getting rare machines or from anyone who has parts for sale .cheers james.
ballarat , australia

Wed Jul 23 2008
erina at
For Sale
My father is in process to relocate to retirement home. Need to part with Hummel. One ownder since 1958. Never been used for the last 30 years. If any interest, please contact myself on erin at
George, Western Cape, South Africa

Tue Apr 15 2008
sukhoproductons at yahoo dotcom
DKW 1938 motorbile
need parts DKW 1938
need your help!

I have motorbike DKW chemnitz

Baujahr 1938
Fahrgest 497288
Gewicht 110 kg
Ges Gewicht 290 kg
Hubraum 198 cm
motorbike is under restoration and I need some parts, if you can help me to find them, please

Scheinwerfer - Headlamp
Tachometer - Speedometer wire
Gummi (Gummiband) Messer - Rubber (elastic) for footsteps.
Gummi (gummiband) fur Sitzflache - rubber (elastic) for seat
Kupplung (listen) - Concatenation
Generator - Generator
Vergasen - Carburettor

please help me
Tbilisi, Georgia

Sun Mar 02 2008
daniel-pereiraw at hotmail dotcom
need engine skeme
dkw 49cc 1962
hello im restouring an old motorcycle with a dkw engine and im really need the skeme if you help me send email

Tue Feb 26 2008
kevin.solomon at
1936 DKW 350cc
DKW 350cc 1936
i am unable to obtain AMBOLIUM grease reccomended for clutch/gearbox. Can anyone reccommend an alternative
South Africa

Fri Dec 21 2007
frank at
250cc DKW Ladenpumpfen
1948 racing bike
I some times talk bikes with friends and mention that I rode one of these bikes at Zantvoort, belonged to Piet Knyneburg, has anyone information and possible specs & a pic?
Thanks & Cheers, Frank Van Ruth
Perth, W.A.
All I can say is that this particular bike is a water cooled three cylinder
250cc two-stroke, I think that the third cylinder acted as a compressor,
this bike was a 1948 factory built road racer, very fast for its time, it
could beat 500cc bikes any time, the spelling is correct as far as I
remember. I have no images just fond memories.

Thanks & cheers, Frank

Wed Oct 24 2007
Bienvenue2 at wmconnect dotcom
Purchase to best offer.
1935 DKW motorcycle 200 series
Orginial ....needs restration. Have original bill of sale and transport papers. Reserve the right to refuse offers.
New York USA

Sept 19th 2007
Hi again , How are you ..? Many of Indonesian RT 125 Owner asked about the physically diferent between IFA and DKW RT 125, including me. is IFA made a rigid model ? what about The square backside shock model ? is that defenatelly IFA.. ? and What About the model of the sadle ? many of them use the spring..( is it depend on the year of the production ? )...

And in your sugestion, wich one better to collect, IFA or DKW ..? or they have same value to collect.

We appreciate for your kindly explanation.

Many thanks from Indonesia DKW Owner.

Best Regards,
A. Haris Loebis.

Sat Aug 25 2007
ahlukito at yahoo dotcom
Need Expleination help
RT 125 Year ?
I am proud of RT 125 and I have my first rt 125 wich i already sold 11 years ago.

Now I have a new one , But honestlly I confuse wich model is it, and How original he is.

I really appreciate If this forum can help me to let me know, how original mein Dkw, the year, and wich accessories is not the original.( mostly the shock at the sadle, is it original based on the year of the production ? )

And where can I get the original singgle saddle, rubber tank, etc.

I Plan this beauty as original as I can.

Manny Thnks before, enclossed I sent you my RT 125 pict [None attached. Ed.]

A. Haris .L

Fri Jun 08 2007
alel-cbb at yahoo dotcom
DKW Union 125 rt
i have DKW Union 125 rt, i am from indonesia.

Wed May 30 2007
cgeorget at
Price of a 1965dkw 158 motorcycle
1965 dkw type 158 49cc
I was wondering if anyone out there could give me a price on this bike It is my dads bike and wanting some more information.Thanks George

Fri May 11 2007
corkyabc at
DKW throttle assembly
1972 125cc enduro
I am looking for a handlebar throttle assembly
World wide

Thu May 10 2007
ayman-samy at hotmail dotcom
dkw 1938
i have dkw 1938 sheap
i am from egypt

Tue Apr 10 2007
kostadin83 at
dkw nz 350
350cc , 16 kc , number dvigatel *1181267*/ 72 vc , number rama *6021548* , 1938 year .

Sun Apr 22 2007
sakis031 at yahoo dotcom
I happen to be the owner of a DKW Victoria 48cc. I send you a photo. It would be interesting if someone could tell me the price for such a model today. Thank you! (404)

Fri Mar 16 2007
prugino at gmail dotcom
spare parts
dkw rt175
HI:I'm Gino I come frome Taiwan i have dkw motocycle type RT175 i need spare parts like pictures. could you help me plase contact me
thanks all
taiwan asia

Tue Feb 06 2007
mbfriesn at
158 1965 dkw
i can buy 1965 model158 dkw #158300316. what is the value of these bikes. it looks to be in same condition as the one on your site. missing seat,lights.any help would be great. thanks. bob

See the page on Classic Motorcycle Prices

Wed Jan 24 2007
hugodanielsoto at
venta DKW RT 150 mod 1963

tengo dkw 150 para vender muy buenestado
Mar del Plata , buenos Aires , Argentina

Mon Jan 22 2007
labadubba at
Hercules/DKW GS Motorbikes
DKW 250 GS for the Italy Market
Here you can see the DKW GS model from 1978 which was the same then the Hercules GS 250. The name DKW was only used for this bikes in Italy. More Pictures of Bikes and Parts for sell you find at: (404)

Sat Jan 13 2007
donny.wirawan at gmail dotcom
1955 Audi RT125
1955 DKW RT125
Hi, I'd like to show you my long-mile DKW RT125 ( but I'd like to call her brand with "Audi"), with (i think) NSU fork & rims, harley lamp and fully equipped with accesories from the street we crossed.her name is Cempluk ( cute),she's the smallest ratbike motor in Indonesia.We've been thru so many moments together.Now she's sleeping for a while, waiting for me to come back from work, in the amo te Cempluk,,,peace
Jakarta, Indonesia

I don't like new shiny paint on my bike. Healthy engine & tranny, good wheels ( & brakes ) and strong frame is the most important thing to maintenance, in order to keep the bike runs well daily. Any parts on my bike has it original paint and list, except for the rims. Even if I need to paint my bike, I would rather to use brush than spray gun.

My brother has just finished my other bike. I use more than 5 brands of bikes ( with different year ) to become 1 complete bike. It's not only because not too easy to find British classic bike parts in Indonesia but also I like to be different. He sent me her picture ( attached ) couples weeks ago. And he said the bike is running well right now.

And I still have a 1954 AJS 350 project to do,,,
Keep on riding :-)
[an image of Donny's new wunderbike is in the mysterybike section]

Tue Dec 26 2006
ratmanner at hotmail dotcom
racing DKW's wanted.
Pre-war to post-war.
Hi DKW fans, I am looking to buy DKW racing bikes from anywhere in world.
I am seeking pre-war ladepump models & post-war 250 twin & 350 three cylinder bikes.
Regards, Ron.

Thu Nov 23 2006
jwolvaardt at
Parts Drive belt
1959 DKW motorcycle
I am looking for a drive belt for a DKW motorcycle as per photo attached
Pretoria South Africa

Fri Sep 22 2006
marabl at
dkw nz 250 350 350-1
I will sell for part dkw nz 250 350 350-1 404

Thu Sep 07 2006
ratmanner at hotmail dotcom
DKW NZ500 carb needle jet.
Hi, Could anyone out there tell me the correct needle jet for a Fischer/Amal carb as fitted to DKW NZ 500. Carb type WM 76/456,24mm choke. Regards, Ron.
Sydney. Australia.

Wed Aug 30 2006
tavish911 at rediffmail dotcom
I am based in Bombay. Just picked up an sb250 (1938) to restore. i wasnt very knowledgible on DKWs since they are very rare around here. I have been digging through the internet and i am learning more german than i want to.
Can anyone help me waith any documents in english??
And what is the reputation of an sb250? how rare is it?

Fri Aug 25 2006
smythrobert1 at aol dotcom
parts for DKW/ Sachs 125 Enduro 1971
DKW 125 Enduro
Hi, who can supply me with two swinging arm needle roller bearings?
I will also need a few other parts in the future such as a piston kit etc....
Leeds, England

A browse of the DKW directory at Bikelinks may prove fruitful

Fri Aug 25 2006
1938 DKW 100RT
DKW 1938 100RT
I needs some help with geting a piston & cylinder & rings.


Fri aug 18 2006
csdupree at
rear shocks
1972 dkw moto cross
I need to know a source for original shocks. A replacement parts or somewhere to rebuild what ive got. Help!

Do you know the brand of the originals - are they Sachs units?

Thu Aug 03 2006
craigp at
DKW sb 500 1937/38
Can anyone help me with a tank and frame for a 1937 or 38 SB 500 Sport?
South Africa
I am afraid that the Dkw is at this moment a basket case and I have yet to start to restore it. The only photos that I have is of my SB 250 I restored from the bits and bobs seen in the second photo which was one of three pickup loads I collected from a friends back yard last year consisting of a 1932 TM200 ,1938 SB 500, 1939 NZ 250 And 1938 SB250 incidently the TM 200 had a Villiers motor and box . I would need a Tm 200 motor and box or either a Block 200/300 motor and box when I start to restore it .

Wed Jul 12 2006
dkwnz350 at
DKW NZ 350 Web site
Hi all DKW enthusiasts! Please visit our DKW NZ 350 dedicated site, presenting this unique driving machine. History, Technical info, Archive pictures, Owners presentations, Message board and more.
Sofia, Bulgaria

Tue Apr 11 2006
wrainka at
1965 dkw
48cc 158 dkw
I am looking for clutch handle assembly and the piece that the clutch cable pulls at the transmission. May consider purchasing parts bike

Mon Jan 16 2006
3hawkes at bluefrog dotcom
Need DKW RT250H Parts
Parts Needed for:
1954 DKW RT250H

Headlight Bucket
Headlight Bezel
Gas Tank Cap
Rear Fender Rack
Engine (complete)
Chain Guard (front part)
DKW RT250 Repair/Parts Manual

Thank you,
Robert Hawkes
3hawkes at bluefrog dotcom

Sun Jan 15 2006
sportasiajan at hotmail dotcom
DKW 1959 RT200
We have just acquired a 1959 DKW RT200 in need of complete restoration. We are searching for any parts books and repair manuels to help with this. In fact any literature at all would help
Don and Janet

Fri Dec 09 2005
malaikatmamaut at yahoo dotcom
help me
dear sir
please help me i need
engine for dkw hummel 1962....
i need to ride my bike,....please,

Sat Nov 12 2005
vassilatosn at
DKW RT200 1952 Model
I am looking for the repair manual for the above motorcycle.

My husband, who is in the photograph, rides around on a BSA A65 Thunderbolt. He's also got a Frances Barnett with a Willers engine which runs and many bikes which need maintenance such as BMW R25, R26, NSU 200, NSU Scooter, Henkel Scooter and Ariel 250 and enough parts. He hopes to fix them in the near future.

Nicky and Kyros (husband)

Tue Nov 08 2005
denise.jones7 at ntlworld dotcom
dkw history.
I have just bought a book dkw Motorrader 1920-1979 history. Price £9.00 from bookshop P Milbank-Jones, 113 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5RB. good reference book.

Fri Oct 07 2005
cwade3 at carolina.rr dotcom
found 1953 rt250 DKW
Need to know what it is worth --a friend's grandfather had it and it's in there garage. He wants to sell it but has no idea what it's worth. Looks in really nice condition and all original. Please help

Tue Oct 04 2005
camyekim at hotmail dotcom
1965 DKW (Zweirad Union)
I have just bought a 1965 49cc DKW.The serial plate says it is a TYP 158. Can you tell me where I can get parts/service manuals for repair.Bike is missing 1 footpeg and has a bent handlebar,otherwise fully complete with 1698 original miles. I would like to put it back on the road. Thanks

Wed Sep 28 2005
smythrobert1 at aol dotcom
DKW 125 Enduro Restoration
I have just begun to restore a 1970 DKW enduro, can any one help me locate a chrome headlight rim and a pair of petrol tank transfers?
Thanks, based in the UK

Mon Sep 19 2005
ratmanner at hotmail dotcom
DKW nz350 clutch adjustment.
Hi,I am a DKW fanatic from Australia. Can anyone out there in DKW land tell me what the clutch spring adjustment is for a DKW nz350.

I imagine the spring plates would be set to a specific height. A friend told me that the workshop manual states that the spring tension should be even but makes no mention of tension so that one would not know if the tension was too tight or too loose.
Best regards,Ron.

Sun Aug 28 2005
lawsoncc at
VS 175
I have the exact bike which I saw on your website. Its beautiful. Mine's also a 57 and in outstanding condition. I'm tryng to find a copy of the manual in english. Any idea where I can obtain? Your site is excellent and I'm currently restoring a 54 Harley Davidson.

Try Ed.

Tue Jun 07 2005
mariyuberkebun at yahoo dotcom
I had a DKW IFA 125cc, did any body in there help me to find a history of my motorcycle? I need for make a document of my motorcycle.

this is my motorcycle specification
year: 1953
frame number: 77939
machine number: 1530064
Please contack me, this is my address
Komp DDN II Blok E No 1 Pondok Labu CILANDAK Jak-Sel (12450)


Sun Jun 05 2005
farmtech at
DKW Colection Motorcycle - Model 1935
Vendemos para reparar Moto DKW - 1935 origen Aleman - Completa para reparar
En condiciciones FOB Montevideo Uruguay
Wood Packing Box on Shipp

I hv an offer for sale of a motorcycle DKW model 35-350 cc, complete and original. Engine to be repaired, placed at the port of Montevideo, Uruguay. Appropiate packing in wooden box. Price FOB USD 2500 or Euroes 2000. Should you be interested, I can send you pictures.

Await yr news.

Best rgds
Ricardo Eirea

Sat Apr 09 2005
conceptmx1 at juno dotcom
I've been looking for a web page,this must be the one i have a 100/125 not sure but would like to find others in the states with dkw interest is there a place to get front fenders and tank decals ?also mine is not the radial finned modek barrel is stright finned is this a 100 ? mike in colorado thanks mike

From: Willy75 at aol dotcom
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005
Hi, in North Carolina, US...will get pics this weekend, here is Penton & DKW I am selling too. k thanks!

2nd February 2005
subject: J marshal
schultz17 at
message: J Marshal had a dkw 48cc a few years ago Are you still out there? I would like to find a 48cc dkw hummel

20th January 2005
subject: DKW dirtbikes
gniles at
message: I used to race Sachs motorcycles, later known as DKW's, in the deserts of California, as well as Nevada, Baja, etc. from 1969 through about 1976, eventually holding a low double-digit AMA numberplate. While working in a motorcycle shop, I became a DKW franchise. As I recall, this took only about $2400 U.S., which got us 4 bikes, a bunch of spare parts, promo. banners, etc. They were well known in the desert circles for their toughness, and handling, with the leading-link front end.. In fact other people were manufacturing linkage front ends for desert racing which were fitted to everything from Hodaka's to Triumph's. In any case, I still have a boxful of brand new parts from that time, which are for sale. They are smaller-sized things (no gastanks, fenders, etc.) like a complete transmission gear set, shifter parts, shims, engine gaskets, cables, and many various other parts.

December 8, 2001
We have a 1965 Hummel scooter in working condition. We would like to know the value of this bike, and any information of where we can sell it. Please answer at ec-gorski at

November 22, 2001
DKW Enduro 125 stories!
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November 1, 2001
I've just acquired an RT 125 for a restoration project....
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October 24, 2001
1972 DKW Enduro
Frame 428003083
Motor 9035047
I have enclosed a copy of my 1972 DKW Enduro for your use on the web site.

A couple of notes, the two sources of parts you list:

* Uli's

* DKW-Geyer

only pertain to pre 1965 DKW's. For Sachs, Hercules and DKW parts (and sometimes services) in the US include:

* The Penton Man (Larry Perkins) at 417.865.8884 and

* Al Buehner (Buehner Supply Co.) 216.651.6559

Additionally, a group of vintage ISDT/E owners & enthusiasts daily discuss these and many other bikes of this vintage and style on "Vinduro:"

Best Regards,
Steven McQuerry
Carlsbad, CA
EMail Stevenabn at

October 11, 2001
DKW ended with motorcycle production in autumn 1958. The trademark 'DKW' is still hold by AUDI AG, but as I got as an information from AUDI AG some days ago, they do not plan to reactivate this name to built motorcycles.
info at

September 30, 1999
I recently got a DKW Nz 250 in parts...
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September 1, 2001
I'm looking for literature or contacts to help in restoring a 1965 Super Hummel moped. -- Bill Rowe -- Bill.Rowe at home dotcom

August 18, 2001
Picked this up a few years back and thought I'd never see any parts for it until I hit the lottery but then I found your "Victoria" site. Mine is a DKW but looks exactly like the Vic. Maybe there is hope yet. See the attached files, -- James Marshall -- jmarshal at

July 18, 2001
Good morning,
I thought that some of your readers would like to see a great example of a 1970 125 DKW. My brother has had it for many years and has always kept it in pristine shape. He has all of the manuals and an extra tank. IT has the Motoplat CD ignition. Thanks for viewing.
Harvey Jones
Michaels of Oregon
Harveyj at uncle-mikes dotcom

June 19, 2001
Many years ago I did get know DKW. Beginning with the after-warbikes, I did came to the SB-types of the before-warbikes of DKW...
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June 11, 2001
I am a long distance driver with a DKW RT3PS'38. With that model, in '37 the Dutch team did win in the125 category with that small 98cc. Now I have contact with Mr SJ de Vries from the Nedelands who did build a very good replica of that Dutch machine.

In the Nederlands there is also Mr RT Posthumus who did build a beautiful replica of a commercial Silver model. I have also contacts with Familie Quinzel,from Germany who did build a nice German replica.

Mr Sammy Miller did bring me in contact with Mr Ralph Venables, who was there in 1937 and who did send me a copy of the 1937 list of entries of that Six Days!!!!

Now I am asking if somebody could help me for some more information about that Dutch team?
-- Carlier Marnix -- marnix.carlier at

April 20, 2001
I am not an expert but I remember seeing many Sachs engine two strokes in Vietnam in the mid 60s. These were mopeds and small displacement bikes. The scooter and 3 wheel market was dominated by Vespa & Lambretta. Honda dominates now.

It appeared to me that the mopeds were made locally or for local consumption and fitted with Sachs engines. Some of the mopeds or small bikes were painted in garish colors like yellow and purple. They had flared fenders on them. The color schemes and styling appealed greatly to older Vietnamese. These bikes were terrific in reliability. Breakdowns in that country are a lot moredangerous than Europe.

They also had a DKW (same company, I think) fan cooled engine later on. The fan cooling was a big deal in that climate. I understand that Sachs sold a lot of their engines to other companies. I thought some were marked JBE SACHS but I am not sure.

The Vietnamese were very status conscious as we yanks are. They would push the bikes for miles in tropical heat to save fuel and then drive it through the village where everyone could see them. It reminded me of motorcycle poseurs here in the US. The teenager boys would get the family moped and try to pick up girls. Some things never change. -- Mike H -- MHENN323 at aol dotcom

March 25, 2001
Wow, sure glad I found this site. Great to see other Sach/DKW fans. I raced these machines back in the late 60's and early 70's, in S. California. Did quite well on them at that. Just recently I acquired a 1972 DKW 125 6B with a spare 5A engine, two frames (older ones), pretty much complete. Most of the frame parts, I don't think I'll ever need.

So, if anyone has a need for for a frame part, wheel hubs, rims (a little rusty, just for shipping costs), let me know, and there yours. I'd hate to throw them away. I have a parts book, if anyone needs part numbers. I'm looking for sources for engine (rings) parts, if anyone has a source, let me know. I'm searching the entire world for goodies. What I find I'll share with with all. The wife is from Germany, so I can have some items (small) picked up over there, she goes every year. I would like to see the Sachs/DKW back in the lime lite again (Vintage Racing), thinking about it myself. Maybe, that these old bones won't handle it. If any one has a problem or question, I'll search the old memory for an answer or try and figure it out for you or find an answer. I have attached a picture of my Deek, oh yah I live in N. Idaho.
Dale Walter -- Dwalter01 at

March 8, 2001
I just bought 73 DKW enduro in perfect condition! I can't find much out about eh DKW dirt bikes. Can you help me find some sources? Thanks and keep up the good work! -- Kevin Newins, Grants Pass, Oregon -- newins at

January 26, 2001
I was born 1926. the right age to enjoy the antiek bycs. After the war it was all my girlfriend and me had to travel... one long trip we had we had to stop several times to clean the sparkplugs. but we did not mind we had something to go on. Holland story. Any body knows one for sale that stills runs.? -- Kase VandenHeuvel -- kasev at

Here are some DKW part sources:

Ulli's Motorradschmiede (404)

Hartmut Schouwer -- Schouwer at

December 5, 2000
I have a picture out of a magazine of a "DKW Poster"...
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December 4, 2000
I am looking for a DKW emblem that fits on the gas tank...
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September 20, 2000
Sir, I am looking for the right foot peg assembly for a 1971 DKW 125 enduro. I have lost mine. Anyone have one? I need just the bracket and do not need the flip up serrated foot peg itself but will of course take whole assembly or even right and left assembly if need be. Regards -- Rick Meyer -- Rick.Meyer at mts dotcom

September 15, 2000
Here's a picture of my '71 DKW 125 I recently purchased in California. I had been searching for about a year and was contacted by a nice guy who had one in his garage and let it go for $800. I have several vintage CZ-mxers, I race in local and AHRMAevents in the great Northwest. This model of DKW was my first dirtbike, I was 14 years old. It represents 3- testosterone building years of my youth, helped keep me out of trouble, taught me some mechanics, and allowed me to join the ranks of offroad motorcyclist where I grew up in Santa Fe, NM. The DKW wasn't the fastest, wasn't the prettiest, but its unique design always brought the girls over for another look. As I tell my wife of 25 years....."the DKW was my first love!"
Dino -- vntgcz at msn dotcom

August 21, 2000
Info on Sachs 100-125 found in Germany
Hi All-
Just thought you guys might be interested in a RARE info found in Schweinfurt, Germany where Sachs were made. These old pages were evidently part of a master mechanic at the factory and I have never seen these addendums to the factory service manual anywhere before.

Very informative information on engine, transmission, electrical and suspension- Although not many pages it has ALL specs for major engine rebuilding and tolerances.

e-mail to find out more. Sachs engines were also used in DKW, Dalesman, Hercules, Monark, Rupp, Penton, Saracen, Speedway, Sprite and tyran motorcycles.
AJ -- Art Jurado -- megayte111 at home dotcom

July 28, 2000
I just received a very good sized inventory of new Sachs motor parts for the 100 and 125cc two stroke motors. Please e-mail me with any needs you might and I will see what I can do. -- A-VAC Industries -- savemoney at avac dotcom

July 27, 2000
In the early 1970s I owned a 71 Sachs Boondocker and following year a 72 Sachs/DKW 125 Enduro. I always thought they were a great little bike, always running w/ the best in their class of the day. My friends were all riding Pentons, Jawas, Maicos and of course the spectrum of rice burners. Mention of water around Some of these bikes and they would belly up but the Sachs and DKW were submarines and could swim with the fish. The Earls front suspension was superb to any telescopic fork Id ever ridden, handling was Ace in the sand. The Sachs engine was cursed with and awful shifting problem. (just when you were pulling away from an opponent or got the hole shot off the start, the mid shift curse would occur. Your RPMs would scream through the roof an everyone would blast by you leaving you in their dust, eating their dirt. Well that was the worst experience I had with these bikes. I always thought they made a much better Enduro racer than Motocrosser. All in all these were great bikes that ran with the best of them in the early 70s and have gone forgotten for many years. Its good to see people are finding a new interest in them. -- Ed Hall, Texas, USA -- quonset at

Attached are some pictures of my 72 DKW which I own today.

July 12, 2000
I have a 1971 DKW 125cc Moto Cross bike (and manual). I race the bike from 71 to 73 when the jap bikes really started to come on strong in Moto Cross. I also have a 1971 copy of Dirt Bike Magazine featuring the Deek as they call it. In 1970 and 1971 the little 125 DKW's were winning most of the big races such as the Baja 1000 the Mint 400 and many other races. Their leading link front suspension made the bike really stand out in a crowd. If you have any further interest let me know. jswindle at msn dotcom

April 12, 2000
I have a small metal toolbox 17X7.5cm and 12.5cm high. It is painted green and has Werkzeug stenciled on the to and front. It has a neat spring activated clasp for the lid plus a ring riveted on the front. It came with 3 wrenches designed to handle various sizes of hex nuts, two spanner wrenches, and something like a forked screwdriver. They are all marked Auto-Union Werk DKW Zschopau and on the opposite side H. I was told they were from W.W.II but I know very little else. They look like motorcycle tools. I'd like to know what I have and what they might be worth. -- Thanks, -- Wes -- WSMutch at aol dotcom

February 18, 2000
Ich habe diese DKW email-schild zu verkauf, sehr gute zustand. Abmessung : 60 x 88 cm
Zu verkauf für DM 550,-
Groenlaan, 12
B-3080 Tervuren (10 km Ost von Brüssel)
Tel.-fax : ++32.2.7670388
nauwelaers-madeira at

From Sheldon: If I translate this right he is offering a sign for sale.

January 31, 2000
My dad has an old DKW 50 cc bike but it's in a very bad condition and it needs serious repairs and a lot of it's parts are missing. How do I get hold of parts and will it be very expensive?
I live in South Africa. -- Mnr Jonker -- mathys at

December 5, 1999
I own a 1965 DKW Zweirad Union 48cc motorcycle. I have read that sachs actually built the engine for this bike. I am searching for a piston & ring assy. Any help appreciated. -- Marianne -- marabli at

October 4, 1999
I have a DKW VS 175 from 1957 restyling in perfect condition. I would like to know the value of this bike and any list where I can try to sell it. Please answer at albertopiazzi at iname dotcom

My dkw 175 VS is a 1957 one, black color and totaly restore two years ago by myself following the original pictures and buying original spare parts from Geyer in Germany. The engine is still restored, gears, drag link and general control : now is running "gorgeous" !

December 15, 1999
pls find attached pictures of my 1957 yr DKW VS 175.
The price requested is us$ 10.000 FOB Verona Italy.
Please contact me for any information.
ALBERTO PIAZZI, vicolo Oratorio 5, 37121 VERONA ITALY

September 30, 1999
I recently got a DKW Nz 250 in parts and am desperately after a manual so me and my father can start on restoration .We need help from anyone with info or a manual. -- Brett -- ruthless at

June 15, 2001
I am a Belgian DKW enthusiastic and I have some pre-war SB types, but no NZ types. Your NZ has been produced from '38 till '41 and for about 26.700 bikes. You need partlist Number 58(a)(b).

I can recommend you to get in contact with a DKW club, I am a member of the Dutch one and you can find that at:

Feel free to have a look, it is Dutch, but when you get club service and then clubinternational, you can find something in your language.

For your part list you can also try to download from or

-- Carlier Marnix --marnix.carlier at

September 13, 1999
I recently was given a 1973 DKW 125cc MC. The owner road one season and stored in a garage. There are so few miles on this bike the pour spouts are still on the original tires. The engine runs fine but shifts strangely. Neutral is difficult to find or always present in the lower gears. Any info on this condition or bike? -- pat-- pat.maloney at dotcom -- Bloomington, Indiana

May 27, 1999
I have a dkw motorcycle from the year 1961, Model Hummel standard, 1cylender 48cc...
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June 15, 2001
I am a belgian DKW enthousiastis I drive local with a Hummel second model...
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December 26, 1998
Hard 2shift and seems to need a larger carb than runs stock, front end heavy with springer, difficult to run with a Husky or CZ but the challenge is fun. -- RPer502651 at aol dotcom

January 3, 1998
I have a son with a DKW 1957, 125cc Enduro made in West Germany...
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HERCULES belongs to the SACHS group and the HERCULES bikes were sold under the SACHS or DKW brand in some foreign countries. Nothing interesting to know about SACHS and HERCULES, just plain-Jane mass-production two-stroke motorcycles. The only interesting bike HERCULES ever built was the W 2000, which was sold in other countries as the DKW W 2000, which was the first production bike with a 27HP SACHS rotary engine. I'll scan and send a picture of it as soon as I have found one.

Submitted by Hartmut Schouwer

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