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DKW 1938 SB500

DKW 1938 SB500

Ein Motorrad mit der Kraft eines Wagenmotors — die ideale Seitenwagenmaschine. Der ge- schmeidige und temperamentvolle 15 PS Zweizylinder-Zweitaktmotor arbeitet weich, erschüt- terungsfrei und elastisch wie ein Vierzylinder-Viertakter. 90/115 Watt Lichtanlage, verstellbarer Schwebesattel mit Sportkante sowie Vorrichtung für Seitenwagenanschluß vervollständigen die reichhaltige DKW-Ausrüstung. Neu an diesem Modell ist die kombinierte Hand- und Fuß- schaltung. Wer den Reiz hoher Geschwindigkeiten liebt, wer zügig durch die Kurven stechen und dabei das prickelnde Gefühl echten Motorradfahrens spüren will, der wählt die DKW SB 500.

SB500 De Luxe

DKW-1938-Cat-SB500-01b.jpg DKW 1938 SB500

The encased, compact two-cylinder unit of the DKW SB 500. The foot operated clutch makes riding especially enjoyable.

The softly buzzing twin-cylinder two-stroke engine of the 500c.c. DKW plus the sparkling get-a-way has always fascinated the motorcycle enthusiasts, thanks to the unusually simple design of its well conceived power plant - A twin-cylinder sports engine with only five moving parts! How simple, compared to the many working parts of a four stroke engine of the same class.

In addition, the SB 500 de Luxe features an electric starter, the only machine in the world's motorcycle industry being so equipped.

Push the button and the engine starts - a feature greatly enhancing the riding comfort.

DKW-1938-Cat-SB500-03b.jpg DKW 1938 SB500

Also the 500 c. c. models are now equipped with combined hand and foot gearchange.

As a companion to the SB 500 de Luxe - alike in all details except for the electric starter - the SB 500 Standard is offered.

With their strong pressed steel fork and the rigid frame the DKW 500 c.c. models are specially suitable for sidecar service. For this purpose they are available at a nominal additional charge with extra long handle bars and smaller dimensioned chain sprocket.

DKW - SB 500 Standard

DKW-1938-Cat-SB500-02b.jpg DKW 1938 SB500

A handy safety lock is optional on all machines at a small extra charge, except on the RT model.

The combined hand and foot gearchange, with which all DKW machines are equipped, except RT and KS, offers the rider two completely separate ways of changing gear. To suit one's own personal taste or to meet particular operating conditions, either hand or foot may be used when changing gear, with the manual lever always showing which speed is engaged. Practically all larger engines are to-day provided with foot gear change, which has its advantages. But so has the manual gearchange! The best solution, however, is both systems combined, as exclusively used by DKW.

1938 DKW Specifications

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