New Imperial Motorcycles

New Imperial 250cc & 350cc Models 90 & 100

MODEL 90 "CLUBMAN UNIT" 250 c.c O.H.V. £52 : 0 : 0
MODEL 100 "CLUBMAN UNIT" 350 c.c. O.H.V. £53: 10: 0

These Machines are expressly designed for the Rider who requires a spirited performance with a luxury Specification.


Model 90. B.62.5 mm. x S.80 mm. Capacity 246 c.c.

Model 100. B.70 mm. x S.90 mm. Capacity 346 c.c.

These Engines are fitted with a high compression Piston and high lift Cams, the Valve and Rocker Gear is totally enclosed and positively lubricated, the supply to the Valve Guides being readily controlled by hand. The ports are cleaned and the Unit has an excellent performance working in UNIT CONSTRUCTION with —

GEAR-BOX. A 4-Speed foot controlled "New Imperial" Gear-Box.

PRIMARY DRIVE, by double helical Gear Wheels with floating clutch, silent in operation, running in a die cast aluminium oil bath.

FRAME of cradle type employing three-point suspension to the Unit, having Pillion Footrest Lugs brazed in position. Front and Rear Stands.

(Spring Frame £3 extra).

FORKS of new taper tube design fitted with Steering and Fork movement Dampers.

GUARDS of new design — wide and ridged for strength.

WHEELS. Rims and Spokes brilliantly Chromium plated fitted with 26 x 3.25-in. Studded Rear and 27 x 3-in. Ribbed Front Dunlop Tyres.

SILENCERS. Twin upswept Exhaust Pipes, fitted with Barrel type Silencers and attractive characteristic fishtails, heavily Chromium plated. (Downswept optional), EQUIPMENT. Lucas 6-volt Magdyno Lighting Set with Chromium plated Head Lamp. Compensated Voltage Control. Lucas H.F. Horn.

FINISH. Bars finished Chromium with clip-on controls. Specially large front Brake Lever. Tank finished brilliant Chromium with Carnation panels.