New Imperial Motorcycles

New Imperial 1937 Features

7-in. BRAKES. These Powerful " New Imperial"

Brakes are very smooth and positive in action and their operation is similar to that used in our Racing Models.

VALANCED GUARDS. Of heavy gauge steel — ridge strengthened 7 inch section and fitted with deep valances, their appearance is most imposing (Models 36D.L., 46D.L., 76D.L.).

TANK. An imposing new feature, much increased in size and improved in line and finish.

FINISH. Models 36. 46. 76. Black and Gold.

Models 36D.L., 46D.L., 76D.L., Chromium with Blue panels.

Models 90, 100, I 10, Chromium with Carnation panels.

ENCLOSED VALVE GEAR. All Models are now fitted with totally enclosed Valve and Rocker Gear, positively lubricated from the new type Plunger Pump. Valve Guides positively lubricated. The flow of oil controlled to very fine limits by hand.

ADJUSTABLE FOOT RESTS, giving several positions to suit the individual rider.

FRONT FORKS. Of new design, having longer steering column, taper tubing, and fitted with Steering and Fork movement dampers. Adjustable handlebar lugs.

HANDLEBARS. Of new semi-sports shape. Finished brilliant Chromium plating with new design clip-on controls having longer clutch and front brake levers.

EXHAUST SYSTEM. Twin Pipes heavily Chromium plated ; flanged and nut fitted to exhaust ports. The lines of the system are pleasing and the barrel silencers fitted with characteristic fish tails are unusually attractive. The Exhaust Pipes are kept close in to the Crank Case and are inside the foot-rest brackets. CARBURETTERS. Non down-draught Carburetters, flange fitting with vertical mixing chambers.

FOOT CONTROL. A most positive type of control, the minimum amount of movement required, compatible with ease of engagement. (Standard on Models 36D.L., 46D.L., 76D.L., 90, 100, 110). (15 - extra on the Standard Models. Cannot be fitted to Model 23).

FRAME. Of cradle type employing three- point suspension to Unit. Of new design considerably strengthened and having Pillion foot-rest lugs brazed in position. Fitted with front and rear stands.

SPRING FRAME. For full details see Page 13. This luxury fitment may be had for £3 extra, on all except Model 23.

OILING SYSTEM. The position of the Engine oil filler is much improved and more accessible. The Oil Pump is of the plunger type built in and operated by one of the Timing Gears. All oil-ways are cast in the Crank Case to the exclusion of exterior pipes, with the exception of the lead which is taken from the top of the timing case as a positive feed to the Rocker Gear and Valve Guides. Where this lead joins the Rocker Box there is a very fine control easily adjusted by hand. The lead is then projected to the oil indicator button on the top of the Tank.

EQUIPMENT. Lucas 6-volt Magdyno Lighting Set, Compensated Voltage Control. (All Chromium Head Lamp on Models 36D.L., 46D.L., 76D.L., 90, 100, 110), Lucas high frequency horn, Inflator, all Steel Toolbox with lock and key, generous Toolkit, etc. Speedometers extra on all Models.

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