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OK Junior 1914-1915


MESSRS. Humphries and Dawes have decided to concentrate their attention upon one type of machine for 1915, viz., the light-weight. We do not mean by this that only one model will be marketed, for there are four in all, one of which will be fitted with a 2 ¼ h.p. two-stroke engine of 269 c.c. capacity.

The O.K. Junior Mark III model remains much as it has been during 1914; indeed, it has given given much satisfaction that very little need for alteration has arisen. Still, it has been improved in many details. The engine is now bolted to the frame by engine plates, which also carry the footrest rods. The two-speed counter-shaft gear is operated by a lever on the right-hand side of the tank, attached, not to the tank, but to the tube below it.

The engine is rated at 2 h.p., has a capacity of 190 c.c., and is fitted with an overhead inlet valve. As an extra, at a cost of £2 5s., a cork insert clutch, seven inches in diameter, is titled in place of the ordinary chain wheel. This is operated from the handlebar by means of a Bowden wire connected to a quick-thread screw; it is very flexible, and allows any amount of slipping. An improved chain cover has been fitted, which can easily be removed by undoing two screws only. The footboards have heel and toe pieces, and the inner sides neatly turned up. The brake can be applied without removing the foot from the footboard; this greatly assists in a gradual application of the brake. Other features are girder pattern forks, pan seat saddle, 26 x 2in. Clincher de luxe tyres, and a belt guard. The price of this model is thirty guineas. The same machine is supplied for ladies' use with I an open frame at thirty-three guineas.

The Mark IV. machine is an entirely new model, having an engine rated at 2 ½ h.p., 70 X 76 mm. bore and stroke, 292 c.c. The bearings are of a special, alloy of phosphor bronze cast under:; pressure, and the valves are made from the solid bar. Other details are as already described under Mark III. This machine retails at thirty-one guineas.

The Motor Cycle, NOVEMBER 20th, 1914 .

Engine - 2 h. p. four-stroke, 58 x 72 mm., 190 c.c.
Iqnition - Ruthardt magneto, gear-driven.
Carburetter - Amac.
Change Speed - Counter-shaft and two-speed 6 /4 and 11½ to 1.
Transmission - Chain and belt.
Dimensions - Height of saddle from grouud, 29in. Ground clearance, 9in. Wheel base, 53in.
Lubrication - Gravity feed.
Other Features - Druid forks.
Price - £30.

Humphries and Dawes, Ltd., Birmingham.

British Lightweights, 1914