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OK Supreme Coeur de Lion Deluxe Model GS2/34

This model is based upon the specification of the COEUR de LION, with the addition of a 4-speed gearbox, side tank control. Foot control optional, which should be stated when ordering.

Ratios 5.40, 7.30, 9.73, 15.85. Use CASTROLEASE for sweet gear-changing. A sturdy front stand is fitted.

LIGHTING IGNITION B.T.H. 6 volt Mag-generator, with large head lamp and patent battery carrier. Electric horn.

MUDGUARDS Are of slightly heavier section than the Coeur de Lion, with deep valances front and rear.

DETAILS Finished out in black enamel on anti-rust base. The chrome tank is lined in gold and fitted with oversize knee grips. Full set of Abingdon tools in special container. Approx. petrol consumption 70-75 m.p.g. For overall length, wheelbase, etc., see FLYING CLOUD


  • Hughes Pillion Equipment, including folding footrests 15/6
    Smiths Speedometer (Trip) 50/-
    Carrier 7/6
    All-Weather, Leg Shields 10/6
    Chrome-plated upswept Exhaust Pipe with Silencer 10/-
    25 x 3.251n Dunlop Tyres 7/6
    Terry Saddle 7/6

Code Word TRIXE.

Source: ok-supreme-muv archive