OK-Supreme Motorcycles

OK-Supreme Models

1930 to 1940

1930 Models
  • TT 245cc OHV JAP
    B 300cc SV JAP
    J 344cc OHV JAP
    TT/LS 346cc OHV JAP
    GH 346cc OHV JAP
    H 346cc OHV JAP
    K 490cc SV JAP
    M 747cc SV JAP

1931 Models
  • G/31 245cc OHV JAP
    A/31 248cc OHC
    B/31 300cc SV JAP
    H/31 346cc OHV JAP
    K/31 490cc SV JAP
    N/31 490cc SV JAP
    L/31 490cc OHV JAP
    M/31 747cc SV JAP

1932 Models
  • P/32 148cc SV JAP
    G/32 245cc OHV JAP
    A/32 248cc OHC
    B/32 300cc SV JAP
    GS/32 346cc OHV JAP
    K/32 490cc OHV JAP
    N/32 490cc SV JAP
    L/32 490cc OHV JAP
    R/32 490cc OHV JAP

1933 Models

  • G/33 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/33 245cc OHV JAP
    A/32 248cc OHC
    GS/33 346cc OHV JAP
    N/33 490cc SV JAP
    L/33 490cc OHV JAP
    LB/33 490cc OHV JAP

1934 Models

  • G2/34 245cc OHV JAP
    G/34 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/34 245cc OHV JAP
    GS2/34 346cc OHV JAP
    GS/34 346cc OHV JAP
    N/34 490cc SV JAP
    L/34 490cc OHV JAP
    LB/34 490cc OHV JAP

1935 Models

  • G/35 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/35 245cc OHV JAP
    V/35 245cc OHV JAP
    HS/35 248cc OHC
    RC/35 248cc OHC
    HT/35 248cc OHC
    GS2/35 346cc OHV JAP
    GS/35 346cc OHV JAP
    WS/35 346cc OHC
    RCB/35 346cc OHC
    WT/35 346cc OHC
    N/35 490cc SV JAP
    L/35 490cc OHV JAP
    OS/35 600cc SV JAP

1936 Models

  • GT70/36 245cc OHV JAP
    G/36 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/36 245cc OHV JAP
    GT/36 245cc OHV JAP
    G70/36 245cc OHV JAP
    CG/36 248cc OHC
    RC/36 248cc OHC
    HT/36 248cc OHC
    GH/36 346cc OHV JAP
    WS/36 346cc OHC
    RCB/36 346cc OHC
    WT/36 346cc OHC
    N/36 490cc SV JAP
    R/36 498cc OHV JAP
    S/36 498cc OHV JAP

1937 Models

  • SV/37 245cc SV JAP
    G/37 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/37 245cc OHV JAP
    G70/37 245cc OHV JAP
    CG/37 248cc OHC
    RC/37 248cc OHC
    GH/37 346cc OHV JAP
    WS/37 346cc OHC
    RCB/37 346cc OHC
    L/37 490cc OHV JAP

1938 Models

  • SV/38 245cc SV JAP
    AC/38 245cc OHV JAP
    G/38 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/38 245cc OHV JAP
    G70/38 245cc OHV JAP
    CG/38 248cc OHC
    RC/38 248cc OHC
    GTS/38 344cc SV JAP
    BC/38 346cc OHV JAP
    WS/38 346cc OHC
    RCB/38 346cc OHC
    N/38 490cc OHV JAP
    L/38 490cc OHV JAP
    HC/38 498cc OHV JAP

1939 Models

  • SV/39 245cc SV JAP
    G/39 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/39 245cc OHV JAP
    G70/39 245cc OHV JAP
    CG/39 248cc OHC
    GTS/39 344cc OHV JAP
    BA/39 348cc OHV AMC
    CA/39 348cc OHV AMC
    GA/39 348cc OHV AMC
    JA/39 348cc OHV AMC
    RRS/39 344cc OHV JAP
    WS/39 346cc OHC
    DA/39 497cc OHV AMC
    HA/39 497cc OHV AMC

1940 Models

  • SV/40 245cc SV JAP
    G/40 245cc OHV JAP
    GDL/40 245cc OHV JAP
    G70/40 245cc OHV JAP
    GTS/40 344cc OHV JAP
    BA/40 348cc OHV AMC
    CA/40 348cc OHV AMC
    GA/40 348cc OHV AMC
    JA/40 348cc OHV AMC
    DA/40 497cc OHV AMC
    HA/40 497cc OHV AMC

O.K. Supreme 1939 models with Matchless engines





349 O.H.V.

38G3 (Coil ignition)


349 O.H.V.

38G3 (S/c machine)


349 O.H.V.



498 O.H.V.



349 O.H.V.

38G3 (Magneto ignition)


498 O.H.V.


Sources: oksupreme.comuv.com (offline since April 2017)

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