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Flying Cloud Sports Model G/34

ENGINE Sports type 249c.c. O.H.V. single port. A quiet, quick, and easy starting engine. lubricated by a sight feed mechanical pump with simple finger-adjustment. Carburettor by Amal. We test with and urge the use of CASTROL XL.

FRAME Redesigned for 1934 from our famous " DUPLEX " patent. We house engine, dynamo, or B.T.H. Mag-generator and gearbox (fixed top and bottom) into a pair of pressed steel plates. This method ensures accurate alignment for the primary and timing chain, all of which forms one complete unit of great strength. Webb type girder forks with central spring and simple Ferodo-loaded adjustable shock absorbers.

HANDLEBARS control - Twist grip control with an adjustable bar-bend, with welded fulcrum clips for clutch and front brake. All other clips are adjustable to any position. The whole bar is fitted with solid levers throughout.

WHEELS Wheels built up on a 6in. forged steel rear brake drum with 2in. front wide brake lining. Rain and mud excluders. Finger adjustment to both. 25 x 3.00in. wired on Dunlop Roadster Tyres fitted on Dunlop rims, which are chrome-plated.

GEARBOX Burman latest three-speed pivot-fixing secured top and bottom. Simple adjustment multiplate clutch and side tank control. Use CASTROL. EASE for sweet gear changing.

CHAINS By Coventry. Primary chain is automatically lubricated from the engine.

SADDLE Three-point suspension, Dunlop.

LIGHTING ignition-Lucas 6 volt dynamo set with larger and improved dynamo. Large head lamp with double filament bulb, controlled by switch from handlebar. Tell-tale in head lamp. 12 amp. Battery with patent carrier. adjustable, and sprung with rubber mountings (Patent No. 21454133). Electric horn, distinctive note.

TANKS Both petrol and oil tanks are welded steel pressings. Petrol tank, 21 gallons, with a push-on tap. Enamelled black, lined out in leaf-gold. Fitted with oversize knee grips. Oil tank, 1 quart.

CASINGS Particular attention has been paid to this subject. All chains, dynamo, gearbox, and engine are provided for, together with a stout under-frame shield, either side removable by two bolts only.

DETAILS The machine is enamelled black upon an anti-rust base The mudguards- are of bright rolled steel, with hinged rear. Number plates have beaded edges.

EQUIPPED with full set of Abingdon tools in special pressed steel container. Bluemel pump and licence holder.

If you prefer B.T.H. 6 volt Mag-generator with all other equipment as above, the price is 37:10 All on

Code word : "MAGOV"

Foot-operated gear control with kick-starter, on 37 : 10 model only, 10/- extra. Gear Ratios, 5.72, 9.27, 15.12;

Petrol (approx) 90-95 m.p.g.; Wheelhase 52 ½ in.;

Overall Length, 80in.; Saddle Height, 26 ½ in.

Ground Clearance, 4 7/8 in

Code Word "GEOVA".

Source: ok-supreme-muv archive