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OK-Supreme 1936 Models at the Olympia Show

OK Supreme 250 OHC for 1936

Designed for racing - the new 250 c.c. overhead-camshaft O.K. Supreme

OK Supreme 500cc Hood for 1936

Enclosed side-by-side valves are employed in the 500 c.c. J.A.P.-engined "Hood" model


STAND 39 : A Range of Fast Machines with many Practical Features : New High-camshaft Model

Warwick Road, Birmingham

[Among the] wide range of O.K. Supreme models of the sports type, the "Sports 70" is one that may be taken as typical. It is a J.A.P.-engined machine is has the latest power unit with enclosed valves. The engines are carefully selected tested and then tuned at the O.K. works, and a speed of 70 m.p.h. is guaranteed for the 250 c.c. model.

The duplex cradle frame has brazed... with the object of overcoming any ... movement. The front engine lug is enclosed, the tank is mounted on rubber, the electric horn is carried on a spring bracket, and the primary chain case is sealed with a rubber joint.

Other models of similar general specification are the “Flying Clouds” and the overhead-camshaft “two-fifties.” Here again there are many practical details, such as folding kick-starter, composite aluminium and steel chain cases, and mudguards and stays designed to support pillion-cushions.

All the speed or trials models, incidentally, have small-section front tyres.

“Speed 90” Model—497 c.c. single-cyl. o.h.v. O.K. Supreme; dry-sump lubrication; magneto ignition; all-chain drive; oil-bath primary chain case; 4-speed gear, with foot control; fuel, 3½ gals.; 26x3.25in. (front), 3.5in. (rear) tyres.
Price with electric lighting (solo), £65.

The latest addition to the O.K. Supreme range is a 500 c.c. high-camshaft model with a guaranteed speed of 90 m.p.h. This is a compact and workmanlike model with a cradle frame, the engine having inclined push-rods and rockers transversely set across the cylinder head. It can be had at a slight price reduction without the guarantee of speed.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.
N.B. Portions of document were unreadable.

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