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OK Supreme Hood Model N/34 497cc

ENGINE 497cc dry sump with quickly detachable head aluminium alloy head of new design. We test on and urge the use of Castrol XL.

PRIMARY CHAIN Lubricated by adjustable feed from the oil tank.

FRAME The 1934 frame has been re-designed to take this improved engine unit and the engine plates enlarged. It is built throughout of A&P highest grade tubes. Side car lugs are embodied. Sturdy front stand fitted and sprung up rear stand.

FORKS Webb heavy type girder with spring loaded shock absorbers and steering damper.

GEARBOX 4 speed Burman with hand control. The box is pivot type and slung and held by two stout bolts. Provided with simple and accessible adjustment. Use of Castrolease for sweet gear changing.

MUDGUARDS Car type, deep dome with central strengthening rib, hinged rear, deep edges to guards and number plates.

LIGHTING Lucas Maglita set, 6 volt 30 watt. Large head lamp and stop light. brake operated.

TANKS Both of welded steel. Petrol. 2 gallons 6 pints, with two level tap giving reserve supply. Oil tank of ½ gallon. Oversize knee grips.

HANDLEBARS & CONTROLS Amal, clean, with all controls accessible. Twist grip. Bar adjustable as to height and angle.

CHAINS By Coventry. Front chain entirely enclosed.

SADDLE Large 3-point suspension, soft top.

CARRIER & TOOL BOXES The carrier has a detachable top with two large metal tool containers and complete set of Abingdon tools. Bluemel pump.

FOOTRESTS drop forged, adjustable, and fitted with honeycomb rubbers.

DETAILS The whole frame and all metal parts treated anti-rust. Finished off with mat black enamel. The petrol tank is chromium. coloured and lined gold.

Gear Ratios 4:86, 5:96, 7:83, 13:00.
Overall Length, 82 1/2in.
Ground Clearance, 4 7/8in.
Petrol Consumption, 70-75 MPG.
Saddle Height, 27 3/4 in.
Wheelbase, 54in.

Hughes Pillion Equipment and Footrests, 15/6;
Smiths Trip Speedometer, 50/- ;
Terry Saddle. 5/-

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Source: ok-supreme-muv archive