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Christian Bynum's Classic BMW Motorcycles: Series /5 (1970-1973)
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Jeff Dean's immaculate 1967 R60/2 in the uncommon Dover White livery

Series /2 motorcycles were the last of BMW's classic air-cooled flat twins to be manufactured at the M√ľnich plant in Bavaria, and they were the culmination of four decades of dedication to and refinement of their very solid basic boxer concept that began with the R32. Famous as indestructible roadsters, stalwart tourers, and sidecar outfit powerhouses, the /2s are among the most recognizable motorcycles ever produced, and considered by many enthusiasts to be the company's all-time hallmark. In particular, the Earles fork models with front and rear swingarm suspension, produced from 1960-1967, are noted for their smooth, cloudlike ride. The /2's introduction heralded the saying among riders that "BMW stands for 'Best Motorcycle in the World'." As a testament to their reputation, there are an astounding number of these bikes still on the road and in daily service around the globe.

I am rebuilding two /2 motorcycles as conversion projects, using later Airhead components from '70s bikes: