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I maintain the following pages on technical aspects of classic BMW motorcycles and their restoration:The following are external links to additional techical information:
    BMW /5 Repairs and Maintenance (/5 United)
  • Paint Codes for BMW Motorcycles 1970-84 -- Courtesy of Robert "da Bum" Fleischer
  • Modifications for Performance -- Another great page for Airhead riders and racers from da Bum!
  • Airhead Tech Articles (Internet BMW Riders)
  • Duane Ausherman's BMW Tech Pages
  • Dell'Orto Carburetor Tuning Guide (for the R90S)
  • BMW VIN Decoder -- A handy reference for year/model of those mystery frames & engines
  • Electrical System Wiring Diagrams for Airheads -- In color!
  • Installing Turn Signals with an S Fairing -- An easy, detailed how-to by Jerry Cook
  • Installing Hella Bar-End Turn Signals -- For that retro look! By Craig Vechorik
  • Testing the Airhead Diode Board -- By Rob Frankham
  • Vintage BMW Technical Q&A -- Solutions to common maintenance issues for /2 motorcycles
  • Rekeying a Lock Core -- By Butch Hays