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A hard one for the commentators this one. He was a Polish international who had looked full of promise when he first moved to Exeter from Hull. Following some impressive second half outings around the County Ground, he was to make it into the full team when Les Rumsey stood down and picked up one point against Coventry. Sadly he wasn't to improve on his early promise and faded out of the team.


Frank had been runner up in the 1982 Danish Junior Championship and was signed from Fredriksborg in 1984 upon Exeter's return to British League racing. During that season he was to appear in 42 matches for the Falcons finishing with an average of 4.98.He was to remain with the side on their return to the National League for five years before the 90 point ruling saw Frank making the switch to Peterborough.

Name.......ASHBY, MARTIN.
Others.....Swindon, Reading.

One of the favourites around Exeter, Martin was to be capped by both England and Gt.Britain on several occasions and was a great ambassador for the sport. He appeared in some 95 matches for Exeter and scored an amazing 1,034 points for his efforts.Had joined the camp from Swindon where he was eventually to return in an exchange with Bob Kilby and was to remain there until a brief spell at Reading before retiring from the sport at the end of the 1980 season. Martin was to finish 11th in the 1968 World Final held at Gothenburg with 5pts scored.

Name.......ASHTON, ROB.
Others.....Halifax,Ellesmere Port.

Little is known of Rob's details, apart from the fact that he came to Exeter from Halifax and was to spend only the one season as a Falcon. Rob had joined Halifax along with fellow Aussie Steve Baker in 1981, before a loan switch to Ellesmere Port. In 1982 he made the "Dukes" full line up before making the switch to the County Ground in 1983. He was not in the line up for Exeter's return to British League racing after deciding to return home to concentrate on the family's petrol station business. During the 83 season he was to appear in 36 meetings for the Falcons, ending on an average of 7.35pts.

Name.......AUTREY, SCOTT.

One of the all time greats in the history of Exeter Speedway. Born in Maywood, California in 1953, Scott started his racing at the age of eleven on the American scramble circuits.Had his first taste of speedway at the Lancaster track before riding regularly at the Harry Oxley's Costa Messa Bowl. Had made the first of many appearances for the U.S.A. squad back in 1970 and finished 13th in the U.S.A. championship that same year, whilst in 1971 and 1972, he was to finish 5th and 2nd respectively. He joined Exeter in 1973 where he was an instant success and under the guidance of Ivan Mauger the following year, he developed into a world class rider.

He was to qualify for the European Final in 74, the same year as Exeter won the British League title. Reached the World final in 76 and was to take his place on the rostrum in 78 when he finished third.Sadly for Scott, his chances were dashed in 1979 following a row with the American governing body and he withdrew from the finals that year. He was to become the top scorer for Exeter in 1978 averaging 10.56 and went one better in 79 when he topped the British League averages with a 10.8. Also in 1979 he became the fastest man ever around the Devon track, a record that was to remain unbeaten until 1992. When Exeter moved into National League racing in 1980,Scott was to go to Swindon for a season before switching to Poole in 1981. Scott was then soon to return home to stay, and during the mid-eighties was to be found on the national stock car scene.

These days Scott is still a high-flyer, and is currently a helicopter pilot in West Texas.

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