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Name.......NAYLOR, JOHN.

Name.......NEWMAN, K. Seasons....1987. As a Junior, Newman was to have a debut for Exeter in an SOS call away to Newcastle though he was to find it hard to remain in the saddle. However he was to have a better outing away to Middlesbrough despite failing to score.
Name.......O'CONNOR, DAVE. Seasons....1970. Dave appeared in five meetings for Exeter during the 1970 season from which he finished on an average of 2.57 points.
Name.......OLSSON, TONY. Seasons....1992. Others.....Reading,Ipswich,Hackney,B.Vue,Swindon. Born on March 13th, 1965 in Visby, Sweden, the Swedish star became the fastest man in Speedway in 1992 when he was to beat the long standing track record at the County Ground, held by American Scott Autrey, with a time of 66.2 seconds. The former Exeter number one was sadly forced to leave following a financial wrangle with his owners, Reading, and was to switch to Ipswich at the end of 1992.Tony had joined Reading in 87 before a bad smash at Cradley in 1990 kept him out of the side and he was to have short spells with Hackney and Belle Vue, before the move to Exeter. He was to move up into the Elite league with Swindon for the 1997 season and back in 1989, Tony had made the world Finals.
Name.......OUGHTON, PAUL. Seasons....1998. Others.....Junior Was originally pencilled in for a full team place for the start of the 1998 season, but the arrival of Roger Lobb from Newport delayed this. It was to take an injury for Gary Lobb to give Paul his chance, and despite some bad spills, he was to score well around the County Ground. So it came as a blow when he announced he would be resting from the sport for the 1999 season to get himself back into shape following those earlier injuries.
Name.......PALMER, TOMMY. Seasons....1992/93/94. Others.....Arena Essex. Born January 27th in Maidstone, Kent, Tom was recruited on loan from Arena Essex in 1992 and had made only nine appearances in the first team but was to impress in the reserve league in which he finished second in the overall averages to Chris Readshaw of Berwick, with a near 11pt average which was sufficient to merit him a first team place for 1993.
Name.......PAULSEN, NILS. Seasons....1966. Nils was in the Exeter side during the season of 1966 and only appeared in four matches for Exeter from which he was to finish on an average of 2.4.
Name.......PAWSON, PATRICK. Seasons....1980. New Zealander Patrick had made a few appearances in 1980 but failed to impress the Exeter camp and was released.
Name.......PEGLER, SCOTT. Seasons....1989/90/91/92/93/94. Others.....Swindon, Newport. Born in Exeter on August 3rd, 1973, Scott was a graduate from the juniors and made his first debut in 1989, during a 74-24 win over Eastbourne. First team rides were hard to come by after that, but with the introduction of eight man teams during 1993, Scott broke into the side proper and he gave a dazzling performance in his home start with good a paid twelve against Swindon in a challenge match that certified his team place.
Name.......PELLINEN, MIKA. Seasons....1994. Others.....Eastbourne,Swindon. Finnish Champion Mika Pellinen was brought in an effort to arrest Exeter's disastrous start to the 1994 season and replaced Austrian Franz Leitner, who after one appearance was hastily disposed of. Exeter had tried to sign Mika several times that season but he opted for Swindon where he quickly impressed with a paid fourteen at Peterborough before being sidelined with a shoulder injury.
Name.......PILGRIM, ARTHUR. Seasons....1947/48/49/50. Others.....Cardiff,Ipswich. Arthur was to appear in 131 matches for the Falcon's during which he totaled 838 pts before making the switch to Cardiff in 1951 for whom he turned out in 36 meetings and scored 189 pts.Between 1952-53 he was to be found racing with the Ipswich outfit.
Name.......PRICE, KEVIN. Seasons....1981/82/83/84 1986 Others.....Long Eaton,Cradley Heath. Born in Wales on the 5th May, 1965, Kevin was to have a flirtatious career with Exeter after coming through the junior ranks. He was to request his transfer in 1982 but after trials with several clubs he was back at the County Ground for the start of 83, only to switch to Cradley for a spell before once again returning to the fold. He was later to move on to join Long Eaton but made a brief return to the Devon track in 1987 during an injury crisis after leaving Exeter in 86. In total, Kevin was to appear in 108 matches for Exeter and collect a healthy 679.5pts.
Name.......PRINSLOO, DEON. Seasons....1990. Son of Chris Prinsloo, brother of the former Exeter star Peter. Deon had a couple of meetings for the "Falcons" in 1990 where he was to finish on an average of 3.33pts.
Name.......PRINSLOO, PETER. Seasons....1976/77/78/79. Others.....Poole,Wembley,Ipswich. Rhodesian born Peter had first appeared in this country in 1971 when he had brief spells at both Wembley and Ipswich before returning home and running an engineering business. It was when Ivan Mauger and Barry Briggs toured over there that they spotted Peter, and liking what they saw, he was brought back to join the Falcons for the start of the 1976 season. It did not take Peter long to settle and he opened his account with six points during his first meeting and in that first season he was ever present, ending the year on a 3.48 average. Upon Exeter's switch to the N.League in 1980, Peter opted to remain in the West and joined up with Poole. In 1961, Peter was probably the youngest ever trophy winner, when he won the 150cc. class of the Rhodesian Dirt track championship aged just twelve. It seems he fiddled his age to qualify at the minimum age of 16.
Name.......PURKISS, GERALD. Seasons....1975/76 Others.....Canterbury. Gerald, nicknamed "Jaffa", hailed from Southampton and had joined as a junior at the age of sixteen in the middle of the '74 season. Had been loaned out to Canterbury in 75, where he averaged just under six points as well as a couple of reserve spots for the Falcon's. His progress was hampered in 1976 through injuries.

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