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A Brief History of the Marque

From its inception in 1902 until 1922, Acme (also referred to as Coventry-Acme) built machines using Minerva and Automoto engines. After 1918 they used JAP units and their own sidevalve 348cc singles and 997cc V twins before amalgamating with Rex in Coventry to become Rex-Acme.

Acme Motor Co.

A light-weight motor bicycle, fitted with 2 h.p. Minerva engine and fittings, is the principal feature on the stand of the Acme Motor Co. (No. 68). The machine is very neat in appearance, and exceedingly well finished. Other types are fitted with 2¾ h.p. Auto-motor engines and 3 h.p. Acme engines. One machine, designed for use with trailers, is provided with a 4½ h.p. Auto-motor engine. The control of the motor is by means of Bowden wires and twisting handles. (Stand 68.)

The Motor Cycle November 25th, 1903. Page 844
National Motor & Cycle Show 1903

There were two Acme marques built in Australia, one prior to the first war and the other subsequent to the second.
Acme (AU)

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