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NVT, the initials of Norton Villiers Triumph, were motorcycles produced from 1976 to 1979.

This was the final incarnation of the famous British marques, created out of Norton, AMC, BSA, Triumph and Villiers, but also including James, AJS, Ariel, Matchless and other names under their control.

  • 1976 This short-lived make was formed by the amalgamation of various machines that became a series of mopeds called the Easy Rider and all fitted with imported Italian Morini engines. The models varied from one or two speeds, one styled to motorcycle form with a dummy tank and two with four speeds. These machines had limited success, but an off-road junior Easy Rider was added to the range.
  • 1978 The 123cc and 171cc Rambler trail models appeared. Both had Yamaha engines and gearboxes, plus other imported components.
  • 1979 All were withdrawn when the Ramblers became BSA Trackers. At one point the government had tried to bail them out of trouble, but without success.

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