Matchless Motorcycles

Matchless 1950 G3L


350 cc. 69 mm. 93 mm.

500 cc. 82.5 mm. 93 mm.

O.H.V-. Single Cylinder, Single Port, all moving parts totally enclosed and pressure lubricated by large capacity Duplex rotary reciprocating _ oil pump; full dry sump lubrication system; triple row Aluminum caged big end bearing and two-piece crankpin; Stellite tipped valves; Duplex hairpin valve springs; wire-wound piston, individually balanced fly-wheels and lubricated cam type engine shaft shock absorber.

GEAR BOX. Oil lubricated heavyweight 4 speed with enclosed positive stop foot gear-change and kick-starter. Multi plate clutch with Bowden operated handlebar control.

G3/L and G80. Duplex cradle of braxed construction with forged fork ends and integral sidecar and pillion rest lugs.Rear, front and prop stands.

G3/LS and G80S. Duplex cradle with full Teledraulic oil-damped rear suspension. Swinginq arm of massive construction pivoting in self-lubricating bush in light alloy casting. Centre, front and prop stands.

FORKS. Matchless Patented Teledraulic.

BRAKES. Quickly adjustable internal expanding of extra large diameter.

Image kindly supplied by Motos-Anglaises