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Matchless Competition Models G3/LC 350 and G80C 500cc

1950 Competition Models G3/LC 350 cc G80C 500cc


G3/LC 350 cc. O.H.V.
G80C 500 cc. O.H.V.

FOR the 1950 season the Competition Models have been entirely redesigned, and in their latest form they provide the enthusiastic Clubman with the ideal mount for every type of cross country competition. The following major deviations from the standard single cylinder models should be noted:

Light alloy cylinder head and barrel with cast in centrifugally cast iron liner and long retaining bolts. Short wheelbase frame with high ground clearance and undershield, wide ratio gear box, 21" x 3.00" front and 19" x 4.00" rear tyre, 4-pint oil tank with repositioned filler neck, small competition saddle and internally mounted foot rests positioned to give ideal Competition riding position. Light alloy polished mudguards with tubular stays, folding kick-starter, twin throttle and clutch cables. 2 1.4-gaIlon fuel tank, special alloy steel rear wheel spindle, security bolts racing type magneto.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT. 3-gallon Fuel Tank, standard gear ratios, standard rear wheel, electric lighting.

Images kindly supplied by Motos-Anglaises