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Matchless 1928 Models

This section covers the following models:

  • Matchless 1928 M3 V-twin
  • Matchless Model M3S 1928 9.9hp
  • Matchless 1928 M3S Sports Sidecar Combination
  • Matchless Model H V-Twin Combination
  • Matchless Motorcycle Vans
  • Matchless Model T/S
  • Matchless Model M Combination
  • Matchless Models L/R2 and V/2
  • Matchless 1928 Model V2 OHV
  • Matchless Model R 250cc
  • Matchless Model R/S 1928 250cc
  • Matchless T3 500cc 1928
  • Matchless Models T3 T4
  • Matchless Model T3 Combination

  • MODEL "L/R2" 3.47 H.P. and MODEL "V/2" 4.95 H.P. SUPER SPORTS.

    These two Models are new productions for 1928, and are identical except for the engine, the Model "L/R2" being fitted with the famous "MATCHLESS" overhead camshaft engine, the pioneer of its type, and the Model "V/2" with an improved example of the 1927 "MATCHLESS" Model "V" Super Sports engine, which earned fame in the 1927 season by gaining a first class award in every trial in which it was entered, and many speed successes. Either Model may be fitted with sidecars described on page 6.

    Matchless L/R2 350 OHC

    Matchless for 1928

    The Matchless Range.

    Machines For Touring and Racing.

    ONE of the most striking looking British motor cycles on the road is the Matchless. Any model is unmistakable, the tank of ivory white, which contrasts directly with the black stone-enamelling, of the remainder of the machine, giving it an air of undoubted distinction. This finish also has the advantage of being extremely durable, resisting practically everything. It is impervious to the action of dope fuel, which instantly destroys the ordinary paintwork finish, while it will not wear with the action of the clothing rubbing against it, and will not scratch or mark.

    Right throughout the whole machine the same care has been shown in attention to every detail of its construction. The engine, whether it be of the normal side-valve touring type, or a two-port sports machine, possessing the speed of a racer, coupled with the flexibility of a tourer, is highly developed to yield the greatest possible power consistent with its measurements, and every machine in the range has proved its mettle in hard-fought British reliability trials and races. For many years the Matchless has been one of the most prominent machines in English competition work.

    The Queensland distributors of the famous Matchless machine are the Holly Cycle and Motor Cycle Co., in whose showrooms at Petrie Bight a full range of the numerous models may be inspected. The most popular models in Queensland have so far been the two-port Sports and Super Sports machines, which are sensationally fast and extremely roadworthy, but there is also a fair demand for the sturdy side valve models, which render years of faithful service, even if they are not capable of the speeds attained by the sports models. In side-valve machines there are the "R/S" of 2.46 h.p., "T/4" of 3.47 h.p., and the "T/3" of 4.98 h.p. All of these models are similar in appearance having the striking black and white tank and similar frames. The various powered engines are built to fulfil different needs. For Instance, the 4.98 machine has been found to be an excellent engine for side-car work.

    In the o.h.v. range, there is the model "T/S" 3.47 two-port sports solo, the "L/R2" 3.47 h.p. Super Sports, and the "V/2" 4.95 h.p. sports. Right through the Matchless range adequate attention has been given to the all-important subject of engine lubrication, the sports machines being specially catered for in this regard, in order to. withstand the requirements of sustained high speed. In the sports models lubrication is by Duplex mechanical pump, which forces oil through separate leads to the back of the cylinder wall, where it lubricates the piston, and through a drilled crankshaft to the big end bearing. The oil pump is readily adjustable while riding and incorporates a sight feed glass. The carburettor can be supplied with twist grip control. The frame is of the new Matchless trussed design, with duplex torque stays. The engine is stayed at the top to the main head lug to resist torque reaction. The spring forks are also of Matchless design, incorporating progressive action, spring with special adjustable shock absorbers, and a steering damper, which is a part of the steering system.

    Right from front to rear, it can be seen that the most meticulous care has been taken in designing every individual part, and in combining all of them to make a machine to suit all requirements. The Matchless is undoubtedly a machine which merits investigation from any prospective purchaser of a motor cycle, and such a person could spend half an hour profitably in making a tour of inspection of the stock of these machines at the Holly showrooms.

    The Brisbane Courier, Thu 23 Aug 1928

    Trove NLA