Matchless Motorcycles

1936 Models at the Olympia Show

Matchless 498cc SV Sloper for 1936

A three gallon fuel tank is fitted to the 498 c.c. side-valve Matchless, which, olone of all models in the 1936 range, has an inclined engine

Matchless Clubman Tank for 1936

A small gutter is arranged at the rear of tank employed on the "Clubman" models in order to prevent "tank-top cascades"

Matchless 500cc Clubman for 1936

Designed for trials work, the 500 c.c. overhead-valve Clubman model in competition form

Matchless prop stand for 1936

A simple but very effective prop-stand is provided on the "Clubman Special" models


STAND 58 : Special “Clubman” Models in Various Sizes Delight the Sporting Riders : Plenty to Interest the Tourist

Matchless Motor Cycles (Colliers), Ltd., Plumstead Road, London, S.E.18.

Model 36/4.—990 c.c. twin-cyl. side-valve Matchless; dry-sump lubrication; magneto ignition drive; oil-bath primary chain case; with hand control; fuel, 3½ gals.
Price with electric lightingm £69 15s.

For many years the name of Matchless has been associated with big-twin engines. In its latest form the machine has had a general clean up in detail and the engine has been improved by the employment of a forked big-end in place of the side-by-side arrangement. There are three rows of rollers in the new big-end bearing. The machine remains ideal for sidecar work or as an admirable mount for the man who likes silent speed. A de luxe edition is available.

“Special” Model.—347 c.c. single-cyl. Matchless; dry-sump lubrication; magneto ignition; all-chain drive; oil-bath primary chain case; 4-speed gear, with foot control; 26x3in. (front), 27x4in. (rear) tyres.
Price with electric lighting (solo), £57 10s.

A feature of the Matchless range is to be found in the various “Clubman” models all of which, incidentally, may be obtained with an all-red finish at an extra cost of £2. The standard finish is black with chromium-plated mudguards, and this, with the high-level exhaust gives a very smart appearance.

Competition tyres, a 6½ in. ground clearance and a rear stand plus a hinged prop stand, are all features of the “Clubman Special” models.

In addition to the 350 c.c. “Clubman Special” just specified, which has a specially tuned engine and polished ports, there is a 350 c.c. “Clubman” at £52 10s. and no fewer than four 498 c.c. “Clubman” models, ranging from £55 to £65. From these the competition man will find an ideal specification to suit his purse.

There are also two 246 c.c. “Clubman” models, both with dry-sump lubrication. The standard “Clubman” models have normal central stands. Model 36/G2 sells at £39 10s., and may be obtained with either high- or low-level pipes; it is fitted with Miller coil ignition and lighting. A de luxe edition with magneto and separate Lucas dynamo costs £42 10s.

Model 36/G.80.—498 c.c. single-cyl. o.h.v. Matchless; dry-sump lubrication, magneto ignition; all-chain drive; oil-bath primary chain case; 4-speed gear, with foot control; fuel, 3 gals.; 26x3.25in. tyres.
Price with electric lighting (solo), £55.

Of the larger machines in the “Clubman” range, model 36/G80 is an admirable example of value for money. Here, at the price of £55, is a first-rate sports model with hairpin valve springs, dry-sump lubrication, heavyweight four-speed gear box with foot control, instrument panel and high-level exhaust pipes (if desired).

The “Tourist” Matchless models range from the big 990 c.c. twin through the 500 c.c. “Tourist,” with its inclined side-valve engine and smart black and chromium finish, to the 250 c.c. “Tourist” side-valve. The last-mentioned is a smart little machine, with enclosed valve gear and coil ignition; complete with electrical equipment it costs £35 14s.

The 1935 Olympia Show reported in The Motor Cycle, December 5th, 1935.