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Matchless G3/L, G3/LS, G80, G80S Models of the 1940s and 1950s


Matchless 1946 Clubman Models

THE World famous Matchless "Clubman" Model reappears in Civillan form after six years' strenuous service with the forces in every theatre of war. First in France and Belgium in 1939, then to Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sicily, Italy, India, Burma, again into France, Belgium, Holland and Germany--in fact, everywhere where there was a real tough job of work to be done - there was the Matchless "Clubman" in Service rig-out. The first British Military Matchless was the well-known *350* "Clubman" Model G3, which was superseded in August, 1941, by the now famous Teledraulic equipped G3/L, a machine which has been lauded and praised by British and Allied Servicemen in every place and clime.

The *500* "Clubman" G80 also re-appears, but Teledraulic equipped, of course. Here is a choice of two "Clubman " Models which we can, with the backing of our Fifty Years' experience in the industry, recommend to the Public with a confidence savoured with pride.

Model G3/L 350cc O.H.V.

(1950 Specification)


350 cc. 69 mm. 93 mm.

500 cc. 82.5 mm. 93 mm.

O.H.V Single Cylinder, Single Port, all moving parts totally enclosed and pressure lubricated by large capacity Duplex rotary reciprocating _ oil pump; full dry sump lubrication system; triple row Aluminum caged big end bearing and two-piece crankpin; Stellite tipped valves; Duplex hairpin valve springs; wire-wound piston, individually balanced fly-wheels and lubricated cam type engine shaft shock absorber.

GEAR BOX. Oil lubricated heavyweight 4 speed with enclosed positive stop foot gear-change and kick-starter. Multi plate clutch with Bowden operated handlebar control.

FRAME. G3/L and G80. Duplex cradle of brazed construction with forged fork ends and integral sidecar and pillion rest lugs.Rear, front and prop stands.

G3/LS and G80S. Duplex cradle with full Teledraulic oil-damped rear suspension. Swinginq arm of massive construction pivoting in self-lubricating bush in light alloy casting. Centre, front and prop stands.

FORKS. Matchless Patented Teledraulic.

BRAKES. Quickly adjustable internal expanding of extra large diameter.

SADDLE. Fully adjustable spring seat of large dimensions.

CARBURETTOR. Amal semi-automatic with twist grip throttle control and air lever.

TRANSMISSION. Chain throughout with primary oil bath case and deep section rear guard.

TANKS. 3-gallon petrol tank of welded construction with twin filter taps and chromium plated winged Matchless emblems. 4-pint welded steel oil tank with easily cleaned fabric filter. Quick action filler caps.

MUDGUARDS. New deep section with central rib and tubular stays. Valanced rear guard on G3/LS and G80S.

TYRES. G3/L and G3/LS, 19" x 3.25" Triple Stud Dunlop front and rear. G/80 and G80S, 19" x 3.25" front, 19" x 3.50" rear, Dunlop Triple Stud.

ELECTRlCAL EQUIPMENT. Chain-driven Lucas magneto and separate dynamo, central battery, constant voltage control, electric horn, large diameter headlamp, chromium plated rear lamp, handlebar dipper switch and horn button.

FINISH. High quality stoved black enamel of great depth on Bonderised finish. Exhaust system, wheel rims, handlebars, etc., heavily chromium plated. Petrol tank and wheel rims hand lined.

EQUIPMENT. Comprehensive tool kit, grease gun, tyre pump, speedometer and 90-page Instruction Manual.

Images kindly supplied by Motos-Anglaises