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Matchless 1912 Models

MATCHLESS, Stand No. 74. Olympia Show

3½ h.p. Model: 70 x 64mm.; m.o.i. valves; Amac carburetter; chain and belt; Armstrong three-speed hub, Mark VI.

H. Collier and Sons, Plumstead.

All the Matchless machines for the ensuing year are fitted with twin engines. This new model is provided with the now popular counter-shaft drive, in which belt and chain are combined.

6 h.p. Model: 76 x 85 mm.; mechanical side by side valves; Amac carburetter; belt; V.S. two-speed hub.

Several of these machines are in evidence, fitted with single and double belt drive. A new feature is the substitution of a foot starter for pedals. This is attached to the bottom stays, and drives by a chain through the free-wheel provided for the pedalling chain.

8 h.p. Model: 85 x 85 mm.; mechanical side by side valves; Amac carburetter; belt or chain; V.S. two-speed or Matchless C gear.

The chain-driven model is essentially a machine for passenger work. The Matchless gear on the counter-shaft is operated by dog clutches; the friction clutch is of the metal-to-metal cone type. Several sidecars with Matchless chassis were attached to machines on this stand.

1912 Olympia Show
The Motor Cycle November 28th, 1912.