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Matchless 1912 Model 3 Single 3½ h.p.

Model No.3 3½ h.p.

Matchless 1912 Model 3 3hp Single

Colonial model as above, but with engine 5½ in. from ground


ENGINE. - Latest specially-made 3½ h.p., 85 x 85, M.O.I.V.

CARBURETTER. - Latest semi-automatic multiple jet.

IGNITION. - Bosch magneto, chain-driven.

FRAME. - Latest low pattern, with flush joints, incorporating our new tubular carrier and girder spring forks.

Height of saddle from ground 30 in.

TYRES. - Standard 26 x 2¼ in, Hutchinson non-skid, guaranteed. - Other tyres according to price.

MUDGUARDS. - 4 in. wide, fixed in a very rigid manner.

SILENCER. - " MATCHLESS," specially designed to suit this engine, with cut-out.

BELT. 7/8in. Shamrock Gloria.

PULLEY. - " MATCHLESS," adjustable.

BRAKES. - Front rim brake, hand-applied, and driving rim brake operated by pedal on separate stud.

SADDLE. - Large and comfortable to suit weight of rider.

CONTROL. - Carburetter, by levers on handle-bar. Ignition, by ratchet lever on tank. Valve lifter.

TANK. - Capacity, seven quarts of petrol and three pints of lubricating oil. Fitted with gauge, drain cock, and combined drip sight feed force oil pump.

GEAR. - Standard gear, 4½ to 1.

FINISH. - Enamelled grey, and fine-lined green and gold.

WEIGHT. - About 160 lbs.

PRICE.- 46 Guineas. This price includes toolbag, full kit of tools, stands, carrier, and number plates.

Free-engine clutch back hub, 6 Guineas extra.

Three-speed gear and free-engine, 10 Guineas extra.

Stands fitted to both wheels.