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Matchless Models for 1925

MODEL "M 3" SPORTS 990 c.c.

One of the latest productions of the "Matchless" factory is the Big Twin Sports machine illustrated above. One of the most handsome machines on the market, this Model is specially designed for fast Solo work, the specification including a steering damper controlled from above the handlebar. Fitted with a "Matchless" Sports engine, it is capable of a speed of 80 m.p.h., and steers rock steady at any speed. The most remarkable value in the world in big Sports machines.


"Matchless" high efficiency 990 c.c. Vee-twin Sports engine, aluminium pistons, roller bearings, mechanical lubrication, three-speed gear, kick-starter, clutch, all-chain drive, Dunlop Cord 26X3in. tyres, two large internal expanding brakes, large bulbous saddle tank nickel-plated and panelled, "Matchless" spring forks with twin frictional shock absorbers, adjustable steering damper, rubber covered footrests.

MODEL "M 3" 990 c.c.

The famous "Matchless" Twin now fitted with a high efficiency engine designed and built in the "Matchless" factory. Suitable for either Solo or Sidecar work, it must appeal to those who appreciate practical design. For passenger work this machine possesses the power and speed of a 40 h.p. Car.

Can be fitted with single-seater touring, two-seater or Sports sidecar body as required.


"Matchless" 990 c.c. High efficiency Vee-twin engine, aluminium pistons, roller bearings, beehive valve caps, mechanical oil pump; straight-through exhaust pipes with silencer at rear; three-speed countershaft gear-box with all gears constantly in mesh, handlebar controlled clutch, kickstarter, all-chain drive; Dunlop Cord 26 x 3in. tyres, two large diameter internal expanding brakes, adjustable handlebars (Sports or Touring), "Matchless" spring forks with twin frictional shock absorbers, large two gallon flush top saddle tank; saddle sprung fore and aft.

MODEL "M " 590 c.c.

The ideal machine for hard work; unique by reason of its distinctive low-compression overhead-valve engine. This special "Matchless ** engine develops as much power as the average 8 h p. Twin, and will run remarkable distances without attention. Provides a wonderful combination of the economy of the single with the power of the Twin. As a sidecar machine it is unrivalled, and is the type to use if rugged reliability is required before all else.


"Matchless" single-cylinder 590 c.c. low-compression overhead-valve engine, aluminium piston, roller bearings, all valve gear totally enclosed and lubricated by mechanical oil pump, three-speed gear box, kick-starter and clutch, all-chain drive, large diameter internal expanding brakes to both wheels, Dunlop Cord 26 X 31’«. tyres, adjustable handlebars, "Matchless" spring forks with twin frictional shock absorbers, large flush top saddle tank holding two gallons of fuel.

Can be had as a sidecar machine with either single-seater, two-seater or Sports bodies.

MODEL "L/S" 347 c.c.

The finest Sporting machine in its class, the Model L/S "Matchless" is notable for its overhead camshaft engine. Not a racing machine, but a high-speed Sporting machine combining reliability, riding comfort and exceptional speed and power, this machine is unapproachable for fast road work.


347 c.c. "Matchless" overhead camshaft engine, all valve gear enclosed and lubricated by mechanical pump, three-speed close ratio gear box with kick-starter and clutch all-chain drive front forks incorporating shock absorbers, two large diameter internal expanding brakes, big flush top saddle tank, straight through exhaust pipe with silencer at rear.

MODEL "L/4" 347 c.c.

This is the ideal go-anywhere Solo machine, possessing ample power for the hardest conditions and yet retaining the light weight and handiness so essential to the solo rider. The specification, complete in every detail, puts this machine in the luxury class, yet it is obtainable at a popular price.

For light sidecar work, the L/4 Combination illustrated below can be thoroughly recommended. The sidecar is comfortable and roomy, and the machine, geared for the purpose, has ample power to pull a full load anywhere.


347 c.c. high efficiency side valve engine, lubricated by engine-driven mechanical pump, aluminium piston and roller bearings, three-speed gear box with clutch and kick-starter, all-chain drive, Lucas magneto mounted in protected position behind engine, "Matchless" spring forks with twin frictional shock absorbers, adjustable handlebars, two internal expanding brakes, stands to both wheels, tyres 650 X 65mm. Dunlop Cord, or Dunlop Balloon tyres to order. Can be fitted with footboards if desired in place of footrests.


Below is illustrated the Model L/4 "All-weather Matchless which is the Model L/4 described on the previous page with the addition of All-weather equipment as shown. This machine makes an instant appeal to the man who uses a Motor Cycle every day in all weathers.

The Motor Cycle Overseas Annual and Buyer's Guide, 1925