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Matchless Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

The Collier brothers built their first machine in 1899, and by 1907 were winning at the Isle of Man TT races. Following a second place in 1908, they won again in 1909 and 1910. After WWI production resumed using engines from both JAP and MAG.

History of Matchless continued...

April 4th 2023

gruepello13 at gmail dotcom

I have Matchless RS Solo 1928 bike. Is the attached pictures of the frame and engine numbers correct?
Do you know how much the market price for this bike?
Thank you.
Regards, Sena

    For valuations, see the page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices. We do not have records of Matchless serial numbers as yet - there are Matchless pages listed under British Resources.
    What appears to be the same bike is mentioned below, Oct 2017. There are more images in the 1928 gallery.
    Matchless-1928-RS-250-Sena.jpg images posted to Comments

veteranmc.sandhem a t
Matcheless mod CS 1931
Iooking after Fotrest Breaklever Gearlever SA 4 speed
Bengt-Olof Karlsson
Sandhem Sweden
h.g.hartman at
Matchless G3LS MJ 1953
Where do I find a complete list of bolts and nuts to assemble the frame and the engine into the frame? Which parts book is the most comprehensive?
Hein Hartman
Huizen, The Netherlands

  • That's a question for a specialist. Try Jampot

jjwalshlixnaw AT
Matchless L3 / 1920s
Hi there,
I am restoring a Matchless L3 1924 motorcycle. I have encountered a problem with the front wheel & tyre.
I have a front tyre 700 x 80 but it's rubbing the mudguard, it's too big. We are looking for a narrower tyre.
Is there anyone that could give me some advice?
Thank you
Co Kerry Ireland

pfulton at
1913/1914 Matchless
My friend Jim Boaden has a Matchless motorcycle and sidecar combination and he believes it to be a 1913 model. His grandfather was a vehicle dealer back in the day and always referred to it as 1913. Perhaps you can confirm the date of the bike. The frame number is 2652 and the engine is a MAG number 2CIX34516. We appreciate any help you can give us. Many thanks,
Peter Fulton-Bevers
OAMARU New Zealand
  • It is possible that the NZ Jampot club ( can help, although they specialise in AMC models.
    If you find a useful source for this information please share so it can be added to this page:
    Engine and Frame Numbers

gtmccarten2013 at
1914 Matchless 993cc Model 8 B Combination Engine Number: 2C1X 34516
Could you date this bike please? It's been in 1 Family since 1914. It's up For Sale and I want to purchase it, but I would purchase for 30,000 English Pounds. Completely Original and not touched. It's been stored for 30 years in this garage. It will take 5 hours to move all the stuff stored in front of the bike. Can't even get the Frame Number either.
Geoff McCarten
Petone, Lower Hutt, 5012, Wellington, New Zealand.
martin41345 at
1958 Matchless Hurricane 600 cc
Bought one in 1962 When I was 17, Ran 108 octane Av Gas ,,,,,,,what a rocket....It had been used as a flat track racer. First time I rode it ...I wound out first gear out and slid off the back off the seat an my but hit the tail light just before first gear wound out. almost lost it. What a great rider... Are there any of these still around and running?
Maybe a video so I could see one running.
Thanks so much,
Michael Martin
New Jersey USA
courriel408 at
G3L 1941
hi i m looking for the rear frame part for my g3L because they modified with rear shock absorber i want to give to the bike the original shape best regards
toulouse France midi pyrenee

Sun, 15 Apr 2018

josef.geisler at
Matchless 250 ohv Sport

Hallo sie haben eine Matchless 250 Sport zu verkaufen welche Leistung Ps / KW hat dieses Bike?

Hello you have a Matchless 250 Sport for sale which power Ps / KW has this bike?
Josef Geisler
Salzburg Austria

  • Sorry, we don't have any motorcycles for sale

Sat, 03 Feb 2018
the.abels at
OK Gladiator 1939

Can you please inform me of how many 500cc Matchless machines were produced in 1939.
Christchurch New Zealand

  • Jampot would possibly have an answer to that one.

portalington at
Matchless 750 CSR caferacer

Can you please help? I am looking for a petrol thank for the above bike, I wish toput on the large tank mine is the small completion one..(Do Not Like It )....Thank you somuch.
Charles Grech
melb Vic. Australia

 Sat, 07 Oct 2017
tintus.adji at
Matchless Model R/S 1928

Hi there .. Just want to submit photograph of my 1928 Matchless model R/S.
Regards, Adji Witjaksana
Surabaya Indonesia

  • And a magnificent piece it is too! Thanks so much, Adji.

Sun Jun 19 2016
handjpurdon at
Aluminium Mudguards
Matchless G3C
Do you have front and rear mudguards for a Matchless G3c, if not do you have a suggestion where they may be available

Sorry, we don't sell parts. Please try Bikelinks in the classic dealers section.

Thu Jan 15 2015
wtdavies at
Seeking motorcycle
Matchless G80 (Harris)
Hi! If anybody knows of one of these for sale in N. America, or which can be exported to Canada, please advise. Thanks

Tue Jan 13 2015
cflintan at
matching numbers ?
Matchless G 80
how do I know if the frame and engine numbers match ?

Wed Jan 07 2015
antiques at
Ignition Parts
Matchless G80cs
Need Points and condenser for G80CS matchless 500cc bike, 1956 thanks Lee

Wed Dec 10 2014
corey.palmer71 at
Parts Enquiry
Matchless 1931 X3
Dear Sir,

I am looking for o/size bore specification and or if available o/size pistons to suit my bike?

Hoping you can help.


Corey Palmer.

Fri Jun 13 2014
nocket3 at
Carb size
1937 model x 1000 1937 model x 1000
Hi a non computer literate friend of mine has a 1937 x 1000 he is doing a running restoration on he is having problems with the identify the carb size, Can anyone confirm if its a 389 or a 276 amal or something other than amal. Thanks peter g

Sorry I missed out that its a Matchless type X V twin the carb should be 289 and not a 389.
My friend believe it or not is worse than me on a computer and I,m poor at best.
Cheers peter gibson

Fri May 24 2013
jmpot rally france
vidéo vidéo

April 2013

Good Day,

My name is JT Davis, I'm an Associate Producer at Sirens Media and we are located five miles from the United States Capitol. We are producing a new series for the Discovery Channel about a mechanic who repairs and restores vintage motorcycles. We feature six (6) bikes over a three-part series, each episode we plan to share interesting details about the motorcycle which requires some fact checking. I am doing research to determine the value of a motorcycle in a pristine restored condition.

The motorcycle in the first episode is a 1931 Matchless Model X with a Brough Superior Sidecar. I've attached before and after photos of the bike and restoration.

Can you put me in contact with someone who can appraise this bike pre/post restoration? I understand it will be difficult to give actual value without knowing the details of how the bike was restored, what products were used and the care taken to bring it back to life. However, a ballpark figure with a visual assessment could assist in providing accurate information to the Discovery Channel viewer.

Should you have any questions I can be reached via email or by phone, 310-987-7498. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

JT Davis | Associate Producer
8505 Fenton Street | Suite 206 | Silver Spring, MD 20910

Matchless 1931 Model-X-BS Sidecar

Tue Feb 05 2013
matchless engine
matchless G80/135056
could you please give me specifications on this engine with bore&stroke and year of manufacture it has a magneto and an alternator?
South Africa

  • Try the page on serial numbers for clues on the model, and the 1956 gallery has a page of specs for that one.

I only have the motor which I intend fitting into an AJS Statesman which is ex the South African Defense Force.
It was kaiki and I have painted it Blue & black with the large chrome badges.
As the bike is coil ignition I want to fit the motor with a magneto.Then I am not so dependant on the battery.
The AJS is mainly Norton and could have been badged either or.
As far as I understand it should be about 1963.
If you would like me to I can send you pictures ?
Thank you for your interest.
Keith Mc D Johnstone

Mon Nov 26 2012
puchmoped at
Matchless G80CS
I am looking to buy a Matchless G80CS Scrambler. Any condition, I arrange shipping...

Posted in the AJS Matchless forum

Sat Nov 24 2012
Matchless voltage
1964 Matchless 500 Single G 3 lower end and G80 upper
I am rebuilding a 1964 Matchless 500 single (with coil and points. The lower crankcase is a G3 Please tell me if this model and year is 6 volt or 12 volt. thank you very much!
Abilene, Tx

  • G3 Matchless is 6V. Ed.
    More information under Electrics
    More on this in the forums...

Mon Nov 19 2012
Matchless 35/CS 500 cmc 1935
Matchless 35/CS
For sale or for change some parts of this motorcycle:crankcase with crank, gearbox parts, fuel tank,fuel tap, carburetor, wheels,r ear fender and some small parts.You can ask for any pictures on email.

Wed Oct 10 2012
Crank pin
1958 Matchless G3ls 350cc
Hi, I seeking for crank pin complete set for Matchless G3Ls 350cc 1958 but dont know correct parts no. Does 900595 crank pin assy is consist of roller cage, roller bearing, crank pin, washer and nut?
Please advice.

Sat Jun 16 2012<at>
could anybody help me work out what type of bike it is on the photos please? I know that the label is Matchless... Also would you be able to tell if the parts are original or not? I'm also looking for more information about this type of bike... does anybody have a link to a good website?
Jerry, Prague

photos galery:

Wed May 30 2012
matchless G80
Hi, I am wondering if you could please supply information on a Matchless motorcycle I have found in zambia? It has engine number G80/135001 and frame number A872. The gearbox number is M35424S. Are these matching numbers, and what year is it? Does it have a model name? Any other info gratefully accepted. Have emailed twice in last couple of days, but gave the wrong email address, sorry!

Mon May 28 2012
matchless g80
I have found a matchless 500 in Zambia, with 672 genuine miles on the clock. It has a 1 3/8 in inlet port and a lucas racing mag. I believe they are standard. I reckon the factory was using up parts. This bike has a watsonian monaco hitched to it. The tank has a plastic red badge on it. Norton brakes, gearbox and forks. Took an hour to get this bike running. The engine number is G80/ 135001. The frame number is A872. What year is it? It does about 70mph in third, with passenger in chair. The internals, piston and valves, are shiny when viewed through the plug hole. Every single part is on this bike. It was found in a wreckers yard in a back room. Clutch and carb have absolutely no wear, it is virtually new.

Sat May 12 2012
matchless G3 L Special
Un saluto a tutti, questa è la mia special,
500 cc.
Friuli ( Udine ) Italy

Sat Feb 11 2012
parts catalogue needed
1961 G3
i really need a parts catalogue for my 1961 Matchless G3, my gearbox doesnt hit the first gear, i also need standard piston cylinder and the bush in the engine have worn out.. HELP!!!!

Wed Mar 21 2012
B52 Gearbox
Matchless 1950
I am trying to locate a 25 tooth 3rd gear main shaft for a B52 gearbox. Would you have one of these or can tell me where I might get one? Thanks Gabi

Fri Jan 27 2012
exhaust valve
Matchless g80 single 600cc 1960
I am looking for an exhaust valve for my 1960 Matchless 600cc single Typhoon Can I get one somewhere, or is there a substitute I can use? Thank you
idaho falls, idaho

Mon Mar 26 2012
bretoox<at>yahoodot com
For sale
Matchless Silver Hawk
I have for sale a fuel tank,a fuel tap,two wheels and maybe some engine parts for a matchless silver hawk(I guess)

Mon Oct 10 2011
Matchless 1962 Matchles Pathfinder
Need a tail light lens and passengers foot peg

Tue Mar 29 2011
matchlesssingles<at>gmaildot com
AJS Engine/Frame Numbers
AJS 16ms
I just purchased a restored 1957 AJS ms16 (350cc). It has an engine no. 31491, but we cannot find a frame no. anywhere? Is it possible to match engine no. to a frame no.?
Fairfield, CT

Fri Feb 25 2011
Je recherche une selle de MATCHLESS G 80 S
pourriez-vous me donner le prix. Cordialement.

Wed Feb 23 2011
nagy-peter-csaba<at>yahoodot com
Matchles Silver Hawk
I want too sale Matchless Silver Hawk engine,end some Truimph 6/1 parts[fenders,fuel tank, wheels
phone.0040766564218 Peter
See image in post above.

Wed Dec 01 2010
matchless ajs 500 495cc
Hi im looking for an AJS 500 495cc made in 1954 electrical part that powers the light of the motorcycle and storage power it in the battery I think its called alternator
if u have anything like that I would like you to contact me with more details and some pictures possible.
manchester More information under Electrics

Mon Nov 29 2010
lmcmullen623<at>gmaildot com
1963 match
matchless unknown
I have come into posession of a twin cylinder 650 matchless that was turned into a bobber sometime in the late 60s. I was told it was a 63, but research has told me that 61 was the last year of the magneto, which mine has. I cannot identify the model due to the customization, but it does have an Akron aluminum front wheel, if that helps.

Wed Nov 17 2010
baybert<at>roadrunnerdot com
CSR SIAMESE exhaust pipe.
Matchless G12CSR (1961).
Hi, Need to finish restoration.
Trying to locate a good used original (or a repro. that actually fits!) siamese exhaust RIGHT side long pipe. Dents/damage ok. Will buy pair if necessary. NO ARMOURS stuff please! I'm in USA.
Maine, USA.

Fri Aug 13 2010
matchless g12 csr
My dad has a G12 CSR twin carb high comp 10.25-1 he just wants to know what it's worth. It's limited edition for racing, production model, only 150 made, only 7 left intact... His is one... The page on Vintage Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Mon Jul 19 2010
cdcollier<at>amctvdot com
Charlie Collier
My name is Charlie Collier -- no relation to the founders of Matchless...but I was in the UK and stumbled upon this great history. I am an avid collector of old signs and memorabilia so I thought I would ask to see if there's anything available with the Collier (or better still Charlie Collier -- founder of Matchless) name on it. Please let me know if there's anything laying about...

Thank you so much
Charlie Collier
New York, NY

Mon Feb 15 2010
rtemp58 at yahoodot com
Is there a catalog wich can be part ordering?
as writen it is
 MATCHLESS G80 1963 350cc
Thats what i think

Sun Feb 07 2010
rootabegga-44 at msndot com
Parts and repair manual
Matchless (1961) G80cst
Hi, I need help findind a parts manual and a repair manual for my 1961 Matchless G80cst. Thanks Fred

Mon Jan 25 2010
2hays at
pic of
matchless 750 cc
had bike a long time ago would like to see pic of same.
fla u.s.a

Thu Nov 26 2009
storsida at
year of this frame
matchless g3
can you plese tell me the year on this frame with
number 55719

Tue Nov 24 2009
john.b1966 at btinternetdot com
Directors of Matchless
? ?
Can anybody please tell me the names of the last Directors of Matchless and AJS when the company finally went into liquidation as AMC Group ? Was a certain Jack kelleher involved ?

Sun Oct 11 2009
b.detienne at
G8 1948 MATCHLESS G8 1948 - 348 CC
Matchless ge 348 cc- 4 t - annee 1948 - remise a neuf (nombreuses nouvelles pieces) + documenation epoque - immatriculee en belgique avec papiers en regle / 4.150 €
TEL / 003210414787

Sun Aug 09 2009
dinky860 at hotmaildot com
1965 350
Matchless unsure
i am trying to find out some information about this bike i was told it is a very rare motorcycle in the U.S. can you either give me any information or tell me where to get it

Wed Jul 22 2009
saretz at yahoodot com
matchless sales brochure c1965
matchless g12csr
How can I obtain this matchless sales brochure from 1965?

Mon May 11 2009
sveinroar at macdot com
Matcless x3 1931
1931 X3
I have this bike, and i need som documents to the rebuilt, photos etc, fueltank is in poor condition with the M logo

Thu Apr 09 2009
sciarcia at
what is the value of an original
1960 matchless apache g12csr
i have owned this 1960 g12csr since 1962. i am concidering to sell it . what is its value. the bike ran when i put it away in 1978 in my garage under blankets . this bike is all original and a very easy bring back to life project.
ct (usa)

Thu Apr 02 2009
davidghuff at hotmaildot com
Matchless Identification
Matchless unk
I live in Afghanistan and have found an old bike with the M on the tank. How can i identify the model and year of the bike?

March 10th 2009
Advert on Ebay Australia

1952 Matchless 500 G80S - Dusting Vauxhall Sidecar (1936)

Owner bought this award winning combo in 1996, both bike and sidecar are in great condition.

The bike - Made in england in 1952, single cyl Big Bore 500cc G80S, paint is in good condition, will need some chrome work done (handle bars, exhaust) runs like a dream, sounds great, has some issues with charging, all lights work, horn when it wants to.

The Sidecar - Made in Australia in 1935 in Melbourne by Dusting Sidecars, very rare model "The Dusting Vauxhall" the only one that we know of, will need new tyre soon.

Bike has Historic rego and runs and rides well, taken out only on club days and rallies, award winning bike combo, well looked after and ready to kick over and run.

Tue Jan 13 2009
chriscushieri at
air pump
mathcless gll super clubman
i need an air pump for a matchless g11 1958 any one had contact me

Wed Dec 03 2008
steve-lockwood28 at hotmaildot com
36mm PHF on a Matchless G80CS
Del Orto PHF
I have a 36mm PHF that I intend to fit to a 1961 500cc Matchless special. Any advice on a starting point for jetting and tuning would be appreciated.

See also the Dellorto page

Tue Nov 25 2008
norcom at
matchless g15 csr
need picture of g15 csr

Mon Nov 10 2008
whittleyconstruct at
g9 1955 twin 500
looking for twin 500 engine and a few bits for this model have rest rolling bike any help appreciated .harry
melbourne aus

Mon Oct 06 2008
williamsk1936 at yahoodot com
Matchless/AJS parts
Matchless G-80
Seems to be some problem with parts. Just run up walridge on Google and check their catalog. Mike can fix you up They are in Canada and have lots of OEM and repro stuff. I am dolling my rebuild on the 56 G-80-S with all new stuff.
 Keith Williams
Oklahoma USA

Thu Sep 11 2008
jjward at
Request for Information
Matchless G45
Seeking information on a small number of Matchless G45 500cc twin cylinder racers that were shipped to Caracas Venezuela in 1954 with AJS badging and packing. These bikes were stamped "AJS 10R" and were campaigned in various South American championships for a few years. These are not to be confused with the pre-WW II AJS R10 500cc ohc racer. Any information about these rare AJS racers much appreciated.

Fri Aug 22 2008
aealexander at
Matchless Alpino Villa
Alpino 250 -Bifaroavreste- swing arm
Information moved to Moto Villa page

Sun Jun 01 2008
beverleylamb at
Matchless G9 1954
origanal handlebars, B52 gear lever, good condition. contact

Thu Apr 17 2008
lorraine01 at hawaiirrdot com
g12csr matchless apache
matchlessg12csr 1960 apache
just have motor looking for parts and where can i order it looking for frame located in hawaiiisland (hilo)

Sat Apr 05 2008
joancisneros at msndot com
Matchless/AJS Apache G15CSR
Looking for whole-running bike for sale.
Oregon USA

Tue Mar 04 2008
Podgeybrit at aoldot com
1956 matchless G11 twin
I'm looking for the petcocks & I beleave the thread to be 1/8 british pipe.I would like all the nut's & washers to suite Thanks for any help

Tue Feb 26 2008
snowman910 at ec.rrdot com
What does CSR stand for?
Matchless G12CSR
Can you tell me what the CSR in the Matchless model numbers stands for? It must be an acronym for something.

Thu Jan 24 2008
michaelkish at hotmaildot com
Motor Cycle
Matchless 1955 - 550 twin
This was my first bike in 1969 at the age of 17. I found it in an auto scrap yard and bought it for 200 dollars. I drove it through the back roads around London Ontario.
Did all my own engine work and painting.
Loved the bike but I sold it for a car, winters are cold in Ontario.
Ontario Canada

I think it's probably a 500 twin - my own first bike was a Matchless G11 600cc of 1959 vintage. Ed.

Mon Jan 14 2008
joakim at
Matchless R/S
Matchless R/S 250 cc 1928
Hi, does my wife and her Matchless R/S 250 cc Ladies Bike from 1928 fit in the library?
BRG Joakim Birgander, Sweden

Sat Jan 05 2008
grant.beeden at ntlworlddot com
Matchless G9 650 twin

Please could you tell me if matchless made a 1959 G9 650 twin, I have one in perfect condition but i am having trouble finding out any thing about it.

The G9 is a 500cc twin, the G12 is 650cc. It's highly likely that a 650 motor will fit directly into the 500 frame, so that may be what you have - a G9 with a 650 motor. I had a G11 with a G12 motor in the late 1960s. Ed.

Sun Dec 30 2007
lucas500 at
Matchless Motorcycles
1952 500cc G9 Super Clubman
Just looking at your site, thought you might like some more photographs.
Sydney, Australia

Sun Dec 30 2007
Matchless Motorcycles
Matchless 1954 G3LS 350cc
Just another photograph for your site.
Sydney Australia

Tue Oct 09 2007
tanu-699 at
Spears for G3L
Matchless G3L ,1956
Need spears for matchless G3L

Sun Oct 07 2007
tanu-699 at
Having problem with the spare parts
matchless solo 1956, engine no.56/G3L/31101
I am owning matchless solo 1956,engine no. 56/G3L/31101,Hp-3.5 & chaise no.4135.I am facing problem with the spare parts so please kindly help me

Thu Dec 27 2007
fabrizio.vignali at gmaildot com
matchless 62 500cc 1 cil.
Hi, it's been more than 2 years that I own this ride, and I am not sure yet of the model.

It is 500cc, 1962, one cylinder, but I would like, if anybody knows, to know the exact model.


Sun Sep 02 2007
asitlingers at
what model is this?

 i came across an image of a matchless motorcycle.I am so in love with this bike.attached is the picture.could you tell me what model this is and the goal is to own this bike..thanks so much means alot..sincerely david

  • Image above possibly not that referred to in the post. Ed.

Sat Aug 04 2007
bluewhalede at yahoodot com
1936matchless 90g superclub

What is current value
bike is in pristine condition
Florida USA

Our page on Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Wed Jun 06 2007
joelle.talbot at
moteur de matchess 500 cc de 1952
sauriez vous me renseigner ou je trouverais bien de la documentation pour refaire le moteur

Tue May 22 2007
cbr-bsa at
g3l 1941
i had just brought G3L , and i had also able to source the grider fork of matchless.
can i remove the telescopic forks from my G3L and put grider fork.i also need to know that is their any changes between the two models ( telescopuc and grider )

Mon Jun 04 2007
sehret at
Shelsley Walsh Matchless
I am looking for any reference in offical publications of the production of a very limited number of Shelsley Walsh Matchless'. Any in formation you could provide would be appreciated

Fri Jun 01 2007
startreacle at hotmaildot com
manual , information
Matchless 1928 single 5oocc
I am looking for a manual or information for the above machine can anyone help plese also a saddle ?Mny thanks

Information on books, manuals and wiring diagrams here:

Fri Jun 01 2007
kapiljolly at rediffmaildot com
Help Restoring
1941 G3LE1
Hi. I have just got my hands on a 1941 Matchless 3GL. There is no way I can figure out the original color but I see traces of black paint. Did this bike ever come in Black? I would appreciate it if I could get a few pictures and details to restore my bike. I also Have a feeling there is a crack in the chamber. Is it possible to get a chamber? I'm in India. Please help. It would be highly appreciated.

Sun Apr 01 2007
asyaorhon at
What year
We are working on a Matchless. We do not know what year it is. Some say 1942. Can you please help? The number on the left engine side is 321 1802 and on the cylinder bottom is 011032. Where would the frame number be?



We have very limited information on the page about Motorcycle Serial Numbers.

Thu Mar 29 2007
unioncyc at yahoodot com
Identity ?
Matchless G80S ??? Year ???
Just got a basket case & dont know what it is.
engine # is B6G80S28997.
Havent looked for frame #s
yet. Trying to decide fix/no fix. Thanks Sam
Texas USA

Wed Mar 14 2007
twoKsmashrepairs at bigponddot com
1947 Matchless G80
We are looking for a manual for the above to restoration.
I have attached photos of bike -
012559 - Frame No
Jonno thinks the first digit above could me either 0 or M or AJS symbol.

48/G80 6524B - Engine No:
45 G8L E1 - Head No:
4263LFF17- number on front forks underneath where headlight goes.Hope this
helps. regards Tric

Tue Jan 30 2007
tech at
Frame and Engine
1954 Matchless Frame No.80143 Engine No.5416MS22061
I have purchased a Matchless 1954 model, engine number and frame number listed above. Please could you confirm if this frame and engine number are the correct/matching set. Could you also confirm if this Matchless had a single seat or the full seat. It would be greatly appreciated if a colour picture could be e-mailed to me, as my dad and I are very eager to start the restoration of this Matchless, but we are not sure of exactly what we need. Thanking you in anticipation.
South Africa

Thu Nov 30 2006
luisfsalda at
Matchless G - 9 1.954
I found a Matchless with Frame No. A17460 and engine No.G9 22037. Can you tell me what year is? How many was made? and all the information you can help me. Thanks
Colombia. South America
Thanks for your answer, I really appriciate all you can help me, I lived in Colombia South America and find something for this bike down here is really hard, I send you the picture of the bike, this is the way I found it. Thanks. Luis

Tue Oct 10 2006
stanley.hearne1 at btinternetdot com
Matchless wheels
C, CS, X3 or XR3
I'm looking for complete wheels or hubs can anyone please help. I'll collect from anywhere in Europe.

Fri Oct 06 2006
fabrizio.vignali at gmaildot com
Hi, I am in search of a piston for my Matchless 1962 single, 500 cc.

Tue Sep 26 2006
luca.donghi at
io ho questa moto e volevo sapere di che modello si tratta,e il valore
Donghi Luca

Translation: I have this motion and wanted to know of that model draft, and the value I suspect the machine is a special which uses components from other marques. Ed.

Fri Aug 11 2006
bapatrev at
Matchless 1950 twin
I am looking for original or replica mufflers for this bike and would like to hear from anyone who can help.
Brisbane Oz

Fri Aug 04 2006
bapatrev at
paint colour
Matchless 1950 twin
are the tank and guards for this model black or maroon.
Thanks Trevor
Brisbane Aust

As the 1952 model was available only in black, according to the catalog published here - Matchless 1952 - I can only assume that the 1950 model was also available in the Ford spectrum. Ed. I am looking for original or replica mufflers for this bike and would like to hear from anyone who can help.

Have you tried Barry Bligh of Overlander? Ed. I have contacted Barry of Overlander and he can make mufflers for me.
Thanks again

Thu Jul 20 2006
lakecliff at
Technical assistance
Can you please tell me the mechanical differences between the G12 & the G12CSR?

I suspect that there is actually very little difference, perhaps just the camshaft, and just maybe the CSR has larger valves. I believe the CSR was used in Australia by the NSW police for some time before they changed to Triumph - but it's quite possible the two marques were used concurrently. Ed. Wed Oct 11 2006
hamerton at
G12 and CSR
Regarding the difference...I bought a G12 in 1966, and my mate bought a CSR, both ex-NSW Police. The cop CSR had a boxier cam, higher compression ratio (10:1, from memory, versus 9.5 for the G12) and all the CSRs I saw had magneto ignition, versus points for the G12. Most of the G12s had sidecar lugs, for carrying around fat sargents, while the CSRs were used for pursuit.
Brisbane, Queensland.

Tue Jul 18 2006
haggertyw at hotmaildot com
Matchless Apache 650cc
When I was stationed at Ft. Bliss (El PAso, Tx) in 1960-62, I bought a Matchless Apache 650 cc's from an El Paso motorcycle dealer. When I left the service in 1962, I sold it to another serviceman. Are there any of these bikes still left (for sale anywhere?)? Thanks!

Wed Jun 21 2006
vincelytsell at hotmaildot com
Cylinder head and parts
Matchless pinto
I'm trying to restore a Matchless pinto and I need a cylinder head perferably standard bore with piston or any other trinkits
Myrtle Creek ,OR

The Pinto is a 150cc twostroke from the early 1960s, probably a re-badged Francis-Barnett. Ed.

Sun May 28 2006
val at
matchless gos gearbox
1953 G80s
Hi are there more than one thrust rod if so can you please give me the lenths .many thanks val.
north wales

Mon May 29 2006
phelim2 at btinternetdot com
matchless 1960 g5 350 cc
i would like some information on matchless g5 1960 350cc . i dont know if it is 6volt or 12volt and is it negative or positive earth . please if you could help i would  be grateful. regards phelim carty
northern ireland

Almost certainly 6v positive earth. Ed.

Sun May 07 2006
Matchless 1961 G2CS
Dear sir My Name is Mark Neis I live in the UNITED STATES I have a 1961 Matchless G2CS Motorcycle and have been trying to find some information on it as far as how rare it is in the U.S.A. possible value of the motorcycle, possible collector value and just any information about the motorcycle I can get I would appreciate it if you could send me eney information you could about the motorcycle or be able to let me know where I my be able to find it I have sent a picture of the motorcycle the only difference from the picture is my matchless has head and tail lights. My email address is ODIZMONGER at AOLdot com Thank you Mark Neis

Our page on Motorcycle Prices may help with evaluation. Ed.

Wed Apr 19 2006
raboni at waitrosedot com
Telescopic Front Forks

When did Matchless start fitting these forks.
I seem to remember them on service bikes in WW2.
David Bentley

They were certainly fitted as early as 1946, so it's quite likely that they were fitted to WWII military models. Ed.

Sat Apr 15 2006
svenno.isaksson at
Matchless L/3 1924
My motorcycle in my livingroom. If you want you can insert the picture on your site!
Pargas, Finland

Thank you for your interest in my motorcycle. This bike has been in Finland from the beginning and I'm the third owner. I got it 1984, then there where only the frame (painted grey with brush) and the wheels on it, all the other spares was in different boxes. The most famous thing was that every part was there. Year 2004 when the bike was 80 years old I decided to give it a new life. Every part was taken care off, all parts where we did find nickel we nickeled them. We did find the orginal colour under the grey paint (it is the right or very close to the orginal colour). We did find a orginal "Owners manual" from Switzerland where we did find all the stripes and where they should be. The emblem on the tank side we got from Brazil and now it is in orginal condition.

This type of Matchless, L/3 with a 348 cc engine was build only 1924 and in 1750 ex. (frame nr's 501 - 2250) so I think it is very rare now. This is the only one in Finland and also the oldest in full condition! I'm very interested to know how many there still is in the whole world, it would be nice to keep contact with the other owners! So, if anybody knows someone who have a bike like this I would be very happy to know him or her!! :-)

Have a nice springtime


Thu Mar 30 2006
Clubwikked at aoldot com
Please Help answer a Question
Is the name Matchless still copyrighted or trademarked? Or not since it was started in 1899 ?
i found matchless was a trademark word. thanks for your reply =)

Sun Feb 19 2006
finn.johs at
Is this motorbike a Matchless?
Dear sir, can you help me? The attached photo taken in 1931 shows my father on a motorbike, which I have been told is a Matchless. Is this correct, and if so, which model is it?
Finn Johannessen, Denmark

The machine appears to be a Matchless X-2 9.9HP V-twin of 1930 vintage, with full accessories. Ed.

Tue Feb 28 2006
deadsheds at yahoodot com
matchless 1930 v twin
this bike looks like it could be a matchless but it appears to have an OHV engine, if so its either not a matchle or its a single or an interesting specialss,

You're right, it's a puzzle. The position of the visible fishtail indicated to me that it was a twin, and the insignia indicates that it's a 1930 model because in 1931 they changed to the M logo. Also, the headlamp mounts differ from standard, as does the position of the battery box. So, it would appear to be a c1930 500cc OHV single. Anyone care to elaborate? Ed.

Tue Oct 18 2005
coffeestain at
1949 Matchless
My husband has a '49 Matchless which was running in 1977. It's been in a garage for these many years and he now wants to restore it. Do you have any idea what the worth would be or who would want one when it's restored?

January 23rd 2005
Item on Ebay UK
Vendor's Description: "Matchless motorcycle range issued at the National Motorcycle Show in 1952. My uncle picked this brochure up with several others at this show as he used to regularly attend the National Shows every year.
It covers models, G80S, G3/L, G3/LS, G80, G9, G80CS, G3/LC, and lists all technical data of the range. On the back there is a nice shot of the factory, over written with the Matchless factory guarantee!
MATCHLESS MOTORCYCLES 1932 CATALOGUE, twenty numbered pages including covers, First Edition dated September 1931.
MODELS included: R/7 2.46 hp, D/S 2.46 hp, D 3.47 hp, D/6 & D/3 3.47 hp, D/5 Light 500, 4.98 hp D/5 Sidecar Combination, Model C 5.86 hp, C/S 4.95 hp, X/3 9.9hp, Silver Arrow, Silver Hawk, No.1 Sidecar, No.2 Sports Sidecar, Sunshine Saloon Two-Seater, Occasional Two-Seater, Special Sports & Commercial Sidecars. Including prices and Equipment prices.

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