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Matchless 1903-1904 Models

H. Collier and Sons.

Messrs. Collier and Sons are exhibiting the Matchless motor bicycle, which is fitted with 2¾ h.p. De Dion motor (74 mm. x 76 mm.), or 2¾ h.p. M.M.C. motor (80 mm. x 80 mm.), or 3¾ h.p. M.M.C. (85 mm. x 85 mm.) ; also the Matchless forecarriage, which is fitted with the same engines.

Several novelties will be found on this stand, including the patent swing crank, which cannot fail to recommend itself to all motorists, as it combines both footrests and pedals, and is automatic in action. This invention can be fitted to any existing crank at a very small cost. Also a patent belt punch, which will cut a clean hole through the copper rivet, which all manufacturers recommend to be the correct way to punch their belts, and which obviates any tendency of the fastener to pull through the end.The new back attachment, which we illustrate on page 803, attaches to an ordinary motor bicycle, and will be found to be very useful to those who desire a cheap method of carrying a passenger.

The Motor Cycle November 18th, 1903. Page 804

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