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Matchless 1914 995cc 8 Valve Twin

A New Eight Valve Racing Engine.

To turn to the speed trials, quite the most interesting machine present was C. R. Collier's 7 h.p., M.A.G.-engined Matchless. This engine, of 995 c.c, is fitted with four valves per cylinder, arranged on the overhead principle.

The rocker arms are superimposed, and the whole engine bears the imprint of most careful design. The valve springs are unusually strong, and the general finish superb. It has the most beautiful "note," and Charlie Collier will probably attack short distance records with it shortly at Brooklands. How fast this machine really is we had no means of judging on Saturday, because the course of five hundred yards with only thirty-five yards for a flying start is not sufficient for a single-geared machine to get going all out, and, in addition, Collier obviously was taking no risks with the pull-up and always cut out some time before crossing the finishing line. Therefore his best speed of 16 1/5s., equal to 63.2 m.p.h., must be looked upon as remarkable.

It was equalled by A. J. Brewin on a big Zenith of the same capacity as Collier's machine, but the Gradua gear proved invaluable for a quick start, and as a pure speed machine Collier's Matchless must be awarded the palm.

C. R. Collier and H. V. Colver were also highly successful in the 500 c.c. classes with the T.T. Matchless machines they rode in the Isle of Man.

The Motor Cycle, JULY 2nd, 1914. p28.