The Unapproachable Norton

Norton 1947 ES2

1947 Norton ES2 ENG. B412777

MODERN CLASSIC. As an all-time favourite, the Norton ES2 enjoyed a long association with the general motorcycling public. Introduced in 1932, Norton's ES2 had firmly established its credentials in pre-war years. The vertical single-cylinder engine shared the same 79mm x 100mm engine dimensions first used by James Lansdowne Norton as early as 1911. The designation ëES2í inspired by the original design where E was for extra cost, S for sports and the 2 was a reference to the second version of the 79mm x 100mm 490cc engine. During its hugely successful 34-year production run, Nortonís ES2 upheld all the best Norton traditions and remained popular due to its reliability and ease of maintenance, as well as the traditional design. In 1947, the ES2 introduced an innovative hydraulically damped telescopic front fork and race-developed rear plunger suspension to cope with the +70mph performance of this popular machine.

Provenance: From the collection of Don Gordon, acquired in 1981.

Courtesy Webbs NZ

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