Excelsior 1929 Model 5 300cc SV JAP



ENGINE. Jap S.V. single cylinder, 70x78, 300 c.c. Roller bearing big end, roller bearing pulley side, aluminium piston. Mechanical lubrication incorporating Best and Lloyd sight feed, straight through exhaust pipe and expansion chamber.

FRAME. New and patented design. Duplex cradle frame of exceptional strength, giving great stability and low riding position. The Duplex tubes run from the ball head without a break to rear wheel spindle.

FORKS. Girder model. Sports, incorporating efficient shock absorber.

GEAR. Burman 3-speed alt chain drive, hand controlled clutch and kick starter, with cam adjustment.

CHAIN COVERS. Front chain is fully enclosed, and an efficient guard is fitted for rear chain.

STAND. To rear wheel, fixed with a spring clip.

TANK. Latest design all steel saddle tank, having no stud holes or bolts passing into the tank for fixing. Petrol capacity 1 1/2 galls. Oil capacity 1 quart. Registered design.

CARBURETTER. "Binks" two lever carburetter is standard.

CARRIER. Strong tubular carrier of large dimensions,

WHEELS AND TYRES. 25x3 in. best quality rims, Avon Cord tyres.

SADDLE. Best quality supple top.

BRAKES. Excelsior extra wide 6 in. internal expanding hub brakes front and rear.

TRANSMISSION. Front and rear chains, 1/2 in. x 3/16 in. heavy Coventry.

HUBS. All steel hubs of exceptional strength, nickel chrome cones, 5/16 in, balls.

MUDGUARDS. Of ample width and depth {dome section) rigid stays preventing mudguard vibration.

FOOTRESTS. Excelsior rubber footrests.

TOOL BOX. A strong enamelled metal tool box is fitted between seat tube and mudguard.

HANDLEBARS. These are fitted by special clip to the steering head, are adjustable and fitted with rubber grips and inverted levers,

ACCESSORIES. Kit of tools, inflator, chain punch, a quart tin of Castrol XL oil, and a Tecalemit grease gun, also Excelsior Mascot for front number plate.

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