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Norton Mercury 650

With a 646cc OHV parallel twin engine fitted to a Featherbed frame, the Mercury was marketed by Norton-Villiers in the years 1968 to 1970. The engine had much in common with that of the 650SS, it had 12v electrics, Roadholder forks, and an 8" front brake.

Some 750 of these machines were built using components from the warehouses which were left over from earlier models, with most of the output going to the United States.

Colour schemes were Atlantic blue and silver, with some having a red tank.

The Mercury 650

The Mercury is a thoroughbred Norton. The all-motorcycle machine, built for the enthusiast who takes nothing for granted, needs no frills, knows the genuine article when he sees it.

Coil capacitor ignition means you can kickstart and still get a full set of lights even with a flat battery. You get neat accessible wiring and a twin contact breaker that simplifies precise timing for each cylinder.

A single concentric for trouble-free running in traffic and a re-ported cylinder head helps produce an outstanding 47 bhp. Finished in Quicksilver and Atlantic Blue, the big, beefy Mercury is unbeatable in its class.