Stanley Show

Today in Motorcycle History

Stanley Show 1903 p802

The Trafalgar Sidecarriage.

Messrs. G. Lyons and Co.. Ltd., who are well known as the makers of the Trafalgar sidecarriage, will have on exhibition, attached to motor cycles fitted with engines of their own make, four of their patent flexible sidecarriages, which have been improved very much, and are made practically interchangeable. They can be supplied to fit any motor or ordinary cycle.

Trafalgar by Lyons UK, 1902-1908

Humber and Co., Ltd.

Humbers will, as usual, have a fine show of motor bicycles, Olympia tandems, and tricycles, but do not wish to publish details of their 1904 improvements until the machines are actually on exhibition.

Humber History

Rover Cycle Co., Ltd.

The new Rover motor bicycle will be this firm's speciality in the motor cycle line, an illustration and full particulars of which we published in last week's issue.

Imperial Rover 1903

Amongst the firms who will be exhibiting motor cycle tyres and rubber goods are: Messrs, the Avon Indiarubber Co., Ltd., W. and A. Bates, Ltd., Black Pneumatic Tyre Co., Capon Heaton and Co., Central Rubber Co., Clipper Tyre Co., Continental Caoutchouc and Guttapercha Co., Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co., Ltd., Edlin-Sinclair Tyre Co., Hyde Rubber Works, Le Paris Tyre Co., Midland Rubber Co., D. Moseley and Sons, North British Rubber Co., Ltd., Palmer Tyre Co., Patcho, Ltd., Pedley and Son, and the Warwick Tyre Co.; while such firms as H. G. Turner, Manchester, will exhibit a universal automatic clawclip carrier ...and portable folding stands in all varieties; Miller and Co., Ltd., motor Edlite and motor Cetolite lamps; Rex Patents, Ltd., E.R. 3½ h.p. motor bicycle engines; the Micrometer Engineering Co., free-wheels, 2¾ h.p. and 2½ h.p. engines, and a free engine pulley for motor cycle engines; Markt and Co., a full line of speed recorders, bells, horns, sparking plugs, etc.; Lake and Elliot, motor tools, stands, and carriers; Ernest H. Hill, motor cycle inflators, horns, bells, etc.; Gough and Co., saddles and toolbags; Ferru- bron Manufacturing Co., Gartor lubricants; Robert W. Coan, aluminium motor cycle castings ; Cam Rim Brake Co., heel and hand applied brakes for motor cycles; Coventry Plating and Presswork Co., Ltd., pressed fittings and mudguards; II. Cooper and Co., Ltd., the Reliance motor bicycle; James J. Duffy, patent universal spring fork and other spring attachments; Duffield and Funk, motor cycle rims and inflators; British Steam Traction Syndicate, the Millennium, puncture stop; F. L. Anderson, belts for motorcycles; W. H. Halliwell, sets of castings for motor bicycles and the Aurora motor bicycle; Thos. Slack and Co., the Vim motor bicycle jack and the Vim patent back rim brake; Twentieth Century Manufacturing Co., Ltd., motor cycle lamps, with rigid or spring backs.

The Motor Cycle, November 18th, 1903. Page 802