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Many thanks to the professionals who have contributed images, information and advice during the construction of this site.

BuyVintage.co.uk provides a veritable treasury of knowledge and are frequently referenced on this site.

Motos Antigua of Spain deserve special mention for both the quality of the images and the often unique and fascinating subject material.

Colin Vickers of Vickers & Hoad in Sydney is responsible for a gem. Oscar Egg is a name which would bring naught but a puzzled look to most in the motorcycle world, but in cycling it's a very different matter. A world-record beater before the first war, he was still churning out masterpieces of velocipedary well after the second. An exceedingly rare moped bearing his name attracted considerable attention.

Webbs Auctions NZ, special mention.

LegendsoftheMotorcycle.com provided excellent imagery. (no longer online)

Apologies to those which as yet lack attribution.