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Miss F. M. Crombie. (Matchless 2½ h.p. Jap)

Occasional Comments, by Ixion Ladies' Motor Bicycles.
Miss F. M. Crombie has very kindly sent me a picture of herself with her Matchless machine, which I have asked
the editor to insert in my comments this week. It has a 2½ h.p. Jap engine, with automatic lubrication,
complete handle-bar control, 2in. tyres, spring forks, spring rear frame, scales about 100 lbs. all on, and
will carry her weight up almost any main road hill. She says she would not go back to the push bicycle at any
price, and so I hope she will be an apostle of motor crycling for ladies in her native district.

The Motor Cycle, June 24th, 1908. Page 495

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