Matchless Motorcycles

Matchless 1950 Catalogue, Spring Frame Models

Matchless G3/LS G80S

SADDLE. Fully adjustable spring seat of large dimensions.

CARBURETTOR. Amal semi-automatic with twist grip throttle control and air lever.

TRANSMISSION. Chain throughout with primary oil bath case and deep section rear guard.

TANKS. 3-gallon petrol tank of welded construction with twin filter taps and chromium plated winged Matchless emblems. 4-pint welded steel oil tank with easily cleaned fabric filter. Quick action filler caps.

MUDGUARDS. New deep section with central rib and tubular stays. Valanced rear guard on G3/LS and G80S.

TYRES. G3/L and G3/LS, 19" x 3.25" Triple Stud Dunlop front and rear. G/80 and G80S, 19" x 3.25" front, 19" x 3.50" rear, Dunlop Triple Stud.

ELECTRlCAL EQUIPMENT. Chain-driven Lucas magneto and separate dynamo, central battery, constant voltage control, electric horn, large diameter headlamp, chromium plated rear lamp, handlebar dipper switch and horn button.

FINISH. High quality stoved black enamel of great depth on Bonderised finish. Exhaust system, wheel rims, handlebars, etc., heavily chromium plated. Petrol tank and wheel rims hand lined.

EQUIPMENT. Comprehensive tool kit, grease gun, tyre pump, speedometer and 90-page Instruction Manual.

Image kindly supplied by Motos-Anglaises