NSU Neckarsulm 1906 Forecar

Neckarsulm 1906 Forecar
Engine 5 1/2hp 670cc V-Twin
Gears: 2 speed, belt drive
This bike has been fitted with a forecar, a common form of transport of the era.

The Neckarsulm was the name given to the early motorcycles this company made, later changed to NSU (Neckarlulm Sewing Uniion, ie, NSU) now part of Audi and VW.

Note the unique cooling fan.

These earliy bikes were a handful to ride, with having to deal with manual spark advance, throttle levers, hand winding gear change, manual oil pumping every 100 yards, peddles to start and help on hjills without avoiding horses, peopl and the many pot holes.
Photographed at Motorcycle Museum, Haigslea, Queensland

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