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NSU Maxi

NSU Maxi Type 175 OSB

Production: 1957-1964
Units built: 1957:5000  1958:1189 1959:1854 1960:3067 1961:4460 1962:2401  1963:7500 1964:6000
Engine: 1 cylinder four-stroke, dry sump with external oil tank and MICRONIC paper oil filter
HP: 12.5 at 6500 rpm
Engine displacement: 174cc
Cylinder diameter: 62mm
Piston stroke: 58mm
Piston to cylinder wall clearance: 0.05 mm
Compression ratio: 7.5:1 max.7.9:1
Ignition timing: 5.5 mm or 32 deg. before Upper Dead Center (UDC) with mechanical spark advance device in full open position
Spark plugs: W 240 T1,  gap: 0.6-0.7 mm
Valve clearance (cold engine, piston in UDC, both valves closed): Intake valve: 0.08 mm, Exhaust valve: 0.08 mm
Valvetrain: OHC, camshaft driven by ULTRAMAX rods, hairpin-style valve springs
Carburetor: BING 2/22/27 main jet:85, idle jet 35, needle jet 2.66, needle 2nd groove from top, idle screw 1.5 turns open
Transmission: 4 speed
Frame: solid NSU sheetmetal frame
Brakes: 140 mm drum brakes
Tire size: 3.25-18"
Weight: 124 kg
Length: 1997 mm
Maximum weight: 293 kg
Gas tank volume: 10.8 ltr
Oil tank volume:1.4 ltr, summer: SAE 20, winter: SAE10. Change every 2000 km. Let engine idle long enough to pump the oil up into the oil tank; THEN check the dipstick!!!!)
Fuel consumption: 3.2 to 3.5 ltr/100 km
Top speed: 110 km/h
General information: The Maxi has many features of the Supermax ("little sister of the Max"), although the design is actually an improved Superfox design.


NSU Maxi Wiring.jpg
NSU Maxi Wiring


A:generator B:ignition switch board C:battery D:headlight bulb E:parking light bulb F:taillight bulb
G:brake light bulb H:generator control bulb I:speedometer bulb L:headlight dimmer switch
M:horn actuator N:horn O:brake light switch S:spark plug W240T1 T:negative ground U:fuse

a:black b:red c:brown  d:yellow e:white f:blue g:green

German electric bike systems (general):
1: ignition coil to distributor
15: ignition switch to ignition coil
15/54: ignition switch board to user (via brake light switch to brake light etc.)
30: battery+ to user (like starter, ignition switch board etc.)
30/51: ignition switch board to generator
31: battery- to body ground, user (like headlight) to body ground
56: ignition switch board to dimmer switch
56a: dimmer switch to headlight (hi-beam) & high-beam indicator bulb
56b: dimmer switch to headlight (low-beam)
57: ignition switch board to parking light bulbs
61: ignition switch board to generator or voltage regulator
61a: ignition switch via generator control bulb to generator(61)
D+: generator+ to separate voltage regulator
D-: separate voltage regulator to generator-
DF: separate voltage regulator to generator(field coil)

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