Today in Motorcycle History

NSU Fox 98cc

The Fox became extremely popular due in no small part to its performance - 85 km/h made it the fastest machine in the 100cc class at the time. It was also very reliable, economical, and easy to maintain.

Production: 1949-1954
Units built: 1949: 6636, 1950: 19199, 1951: 14000, 1952: 6059, 1953: 6712, 1954: 6520
Engine: single cylinder four-stroke
Power output: 6 h.p. at 6500 rpm (1952+: 5.2 h.p.)
Engine displacement: 98 cc
Cylinder diameter: 50 mm
Piston stroke: 50 mm
Compression ratio: 7.2:1, max. 7.8:1
Valvetrain: OHV
Carburetor: BING 1/14/6
Transmission: up to 1950: 3-speed, then 4-speed
Frame: pressed metal frame
Brakes: 125 mm drum brakes
Tyre size: 2.50 x 19"
Weight: 80 kg
Maximum weight: 230 kg
Length: 1910 mm
Petrol tank volume: 8.2 ltr
Fuel consumption: 1.8 ltr/100 km
Top speed: 85 km/h
General information: Crankshaft main bearings only on one side of the crankshaft. Pump-less oil system. First post-WW2 design by Albert Roder; later he designed the reliable Ultramax valvetrain of the Max, Superfox, Maxi and NSU Prinz (twin-cylinder).

Original article by Hartmut Schouwer