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NSU 501 SS


Manufacturer: NSU
Model: 501 SS (aka SuperSport and Bullus*)
Production: 1931-1934*
Displacement: 494cc
Engine type: 4-stroke / OHC
Cylinders: 1
Bore/stroke: 80x99mm
Maximum speed: 130 km/h

Related models: 351 SSR 346cc. 501 SSR 494cc, 601 SSR 597cc

Designed by Walter Moore, who designed the CS1 for Norton, the similarity between the NSU OHC machine and the cammy Norton is no coincidence. Walter Moore remained at NSU until 1939, returning just before the start of WWII.

1. Production dates given by sources vary.
2. Tom Bullus was a British rider who campaigned as an NSU works rider in the early 1930s. Although very successful on the Continent, his efforts against Norton at the TT were without notable success. He married the daughter of a director of NSU, returned to England in 1933 and opened a motorcycle shop. There is a street in Hockenheim named for him.

NSU "Bullus" 500 SSR 1934

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