Today in Motorcycle History

NSU Models of 1908

A British advertisement from late 1908 gives the following models for the 1909 season:
1¼ h.p. The Popular Lightweight.
2½ h.p. Lightweight Twin
3, 3 ½, 3 ¾ h.p. Single Cylinder Models.
4 h.p. Model de Luxe Single Cylinder.
4 h.p. and 6 h.p. Twin Cylinders.
1¼ h p., 4 h.p. (Single Cylinder), 6 h.p., and 8 h.p. (Twin). These are four special speed types.

NSU 1908 V-Twin Racer

A racing N.S.U. of 8 h.p., which the makers are anxious to run on the Brooklands Track.


THE latest production of the N.S.U. Motor Co. is an 8 h.p. racing motor bicycle fitted with a twin-cylinder engine, having a bore and stroke of 80 x 100 mm.

The machine, to put it briefly, is quite the most perfect high powered racing motor bicycle we have yet seen. Carried on the top bar is a large torpedo-shaped oil tank fitted with a pump operated by means of a Bowden wire attached to a lever fitted to the handle-bar, so that to give a charge of oil the racing man has no need to let go of the handle-bar and fumble for a tap. The engine is fitted with mechanically-operated inlet valves arranged on the overhead principle so effectively carried out by the N.S.U. Co. For the sake of lightness an aluminium crankcase has been provided, which is contrary to N.S.U. practice.

The Bosch magneto is gear driven, the gear wheels being enclosed in an aluminium gear case. The carburetter is of large dimensions, and the throttle works on a ratchet so that it cannot shake loose. The advance spark lever is situated on the handle-bar, and is capable of remaining in any position in which it is set. It is connected to the contact breaker by means of a Bowden wire. The machine is intended for racing on the Brooklands track. It is interesting to note that the 6 h.p. touring N.S.U. can now be purchased with mechanically-operated valves arranged on the same principle as that referred to above. We have previously pointed out the importance of having mechanically-operated valves on twin-cylinder engines.

The Motor Cycle September 30th, 1908

  • Brooklands Racetrack