NSU 351 OT

Production: 1936-1939 and 1950-1951
Units built: 1936-1939: 2803; 1950: 305; 1951: 150
Engine: single cylinder four-stroke, dry sump oil circulation
HP: 12.5
Engine displacement: 331 cc
Cylinder diameter: 75 mm
Piston stroke: 75 mm
Compression ratio: 6.3:1 max. 6.5:1
Valvetrain: OHV; two pushrods in one tube gives the appearance of a vertical bevel-drive shaft driven valvetrain
Carburettor: BING 2/22/16; pre-WW2 models with AMAL, GRAETZIN and BING AJF 2/20
Transmission: 4-speed
Tyre size: 3.25-19"
Weight: 130 kg
Length: 2000-2040 mm
Fuel tank volume: 11.5 ltr
Fuel consumption: 2.7 ltr/100 km
Top speed: 105 km/h
General information: closed and fully sealed cylinder head introduced in 1938 (until 1937 the valve springs and rockers were exposed)

Information supplied by Hartmut Schouwer

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