Today in Motorcycle History

NSU 201 ZD, ZDB 198cc

General Specification:

Manufactured: 1934 to 1940. Total production: c.81,000 units.

198cc single cylinder two-stroke engine, 198cc, 6.5 to 7 hp, three-speed (4 speeds on the block models), max. speed 70 km/h.

201 ZD: dual exhausts
201 ZDL: dual exhausts, primary chaincase
201 ZD Pony: dual exhausts, unit construction. Produced 1934-1936, Qty: 46,420.
201 ZD Block Luxus: similar to 201 ZD Pony but with extra chrome, 4-speed gearbox and speedometer
201 ZDB: various improvements included extra tool compartments, steering damper, larger petrol tank, stronger forks. Produced 1935-1940, Qty: 34,649.

The ZD/ZDL series was NSU's best seller for those years.

Sources: nsu24.de, audi.com