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NSU (Great Britain)

186 Great Portland Street, London, W

UK division of NSU

  • 1907 Incorporated as a limited company.
  • 1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
    The N.S.U. Motor Co., Ltd.
    186 Gt. Portland Street, London, W. Stand No. 91.
    In addition to the 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 H.P. - the latter of the twin-cylinder class - which this firm have manufactured with such success during the past season, and which will - with sundry detail improvements - be continued during the coming season, two entirely new models have been brought out which must appeal to that ever-increasing class of motorcyclists who like comfort and luxury. The first of these machines is a 2 H.P. single-cylinder, with mechanically-operated valves, spring fork and spring frame; whilst the second is a 3 H.P. twin-cylinder machine, in which the same system of spring fork and frame is employed. Both these types promise the acme of comfort to their riders and should prove ideal mount.

    The N.S.U. standard touring machines are also constructed in single and twin-cylinder forms, the powers being 3.5 and 6 H.P. respectively. Both are provided with very efficient spring forks and a specially strengthened frame. In passenger machines the 6 H.P. twin-cylinder with side-car is retained, and also the tri-car of the same power, but, of course, not convertible. This latter machine is very efficient, and owing to the medium power of the engine is generally more satisfactory than the extremely high-power tri-cars tried some few seasons back.
  • 1914 Motor manufacturers. Specialities: motor cycles and motor cars, engines, two-speed gears, carburettors etc. Employees 1,500.
  • 1963 Motor Show exhibitor. Importer.

Sources: Graces Guide

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