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NSU SuperMax

NSU Supermax (Type 251 OSB)

Production: late 1956-1963

The main difference between the Supermax and Max was the change to dual rear suspension units.

Mon Dec 17 2007
blinkyb-t at tiscali.co.uk
Engine timing
NSU 250 Supermax
i need info on engine timing for this engine .In the ideal world i'd like an in depth manual / thanks BILL

Sat Jul 14 2007
josimancinelli at hotmaildot com
Faro trasero NSU supermax 1959

Estoy restaurando una NSU supermax 250cc del año 1959 y solo me falta el faro trasero y queria saber donde es posible encontrarlo o si alguien tiene alguno para la venta. Muchas gracias
Casilda - Argentina

Tail navigation light NSU Supermax 1959
I am restoring an NSU Supermax 250cc of año 1959 and single I need to the tail navigation light and queria knowledge where it is possible to find it or if somebody has some for sale. Thank you very much

Sun Jun 17 2007
geros1968 at hotmaildot com
New Old Stock NSU 1959.
Hello,i found one NSU Motorcycle 1959 Model in New Old Stock Condition.I take first time out from Factory box last month and i never try to start the engine. With frame and engine number i can found the correct model?
Thanks for your time regards Andreas.
i am sorry for my not good english and thanks for your fast respond.

I attach you some photos when we move out from box.When i found is still in factory 
box.The front wheel and excaust is not on the bike but i fit on bike when i take out.

The frame number is 1840558 and engine number is 3234222.On ID frame plate i found is 1959 model 250cc.If you can found any informations for the model i appreciate.

The paint is in excellent condition with some scratches from the storage but some chrome place and rubber need care.What is best method i keep that bike in this Original New Old 
Stock condition i found.

Thanks for your help best Regards Andreas.

NSU 1959 SuperMax 2a 21.jpg
NSU 1959 SuperMax 2a 21
NSU 1959 SuperMax 2a 31.jpg
NSU 1959 SuperMax 2a 31
NSU 1959 SuperMax 2a 41.jpg
NSU 1959 SuperMax 2a 41


i take out from my storehouse and i send you some more photos.

They come with all original parts like battery, Metzeler tyres,tools etc. Only missing the airpump.

The speedometer write 00004 from factory testdrive perhaps.The clock stop for that bike before 48 years and start again now.

I don't prefer to ride this bike and i leave in that original museum condition. What you think?

Please if you need more photos or any other informations or you have any position how i protect the bike feel free for email me.

Thanks again for your time and help about the model Andreas.

  • By all means leave as is, Andreas, as it's a very important specimen, quite possibly unique. Suggest using Armourall or a similar product on all paintwork and rubber and plastic, and a thin coat of protective oil on all metal surfaces, something like WD40. The pump should not be too hard to obtain. Ed.

i attach you some more photos and i hope that look better.

The Handel bar rubbers is in so bad condition and need replace.The One i replace already because is in very dry condition.You know where I can found other same Magura made in white color?

On the rear spare box i found a gloth with NSU Emblem for clean the bike and a usefull spare tin box for fix the tyres.

You know any place where i can take a birth certificate for that bike?

Best Regards Andreas.
i am little comfused with a model.I read on your NSU specifications Special Max was manufactured from 1954 to 1956.How my NSU is Special Max and not SuperMax if manufactured in 1959? 

I can't answer that specifically, Andreas. What I can tell you is that the batik image at the top of the introductory NSU page of the site is from the tank of a Special Max, which leads me to assume that since yours has the same logo on the tank, it must be the same model. Please correct me if I've come to the wrong conclusion.

Hi, thanks for the Help.Finall is SUPERMAX not SPECIALMAX.I found some interesting informations in German side ....

" In late 1956 came the SUPERMAX. Everybody could recognize her by the two external springs/dampers at the rear suspension. (The earlier STANDARD- and SPEZIALMAX had one single rear spring/damper inside the frame like modern motorbikes) But if you look on the details, nearly each part of the SUPERMAX is a little bit different from those of the STANDARD- or SPEZIALMAX. This makes SUPERMAX parts hard to get... "

Best regards Andreas.